Thumb Drive

If you are tired of using the same old conventional floppy disks, CDs and ZIP drives to store data and transfer files to and from your computer, which have not only become monotonous and boring but inconvenient as well, then there is nothing more ideal for you than the USB thumb drive.

A thumb drive or flash drive is, quite simply put, your very own personal data vault. They are simple, small gadgets that have now almost completely replaced the functionality and uses of floppy disks and other rewritable storage mediums. Using these devices enables you to rescue your PC from possible threats, replicate your desktop environment and even encrypt files easily making it, quite typically, a multipurpose tool whose use is only increasing day by day.

This small USB thumb drive is a device used for portable storage and can easily be plugged into the USB port of any computer, be it a laptop or desktop. Their storage capacity exceeds that of floppy disks and unlike the case of CDs, files can be transferred to and from the device very simply and easily. They are typically the perfect solution to make up for the lack of stability of floppy disks, impracticality of ZIP drives, and importability of CD-ROMs.

Theses external storage devices are able to hold varying mounts of memory and that too with no power supply. You need to simply plug it into the USB port of your computer without having to worry about restarting or rebooting your computer. Even better, it is re-writeable unlike the RAM.

The thumb drives are as small as the human thumb, hence deriving the name “Thumb Drives” and they are the most stable and convenient methods of storing data and information in the palm of your hand. What is more convenient is that data and files can be transferred to and from these devices at really high speeds. Their amazing write and read speeds are most useful, especially when transferring and running large applications. These drivers also last long and are able to store data for up to ten years without the need for replacement.

Although they lack compatibility with the legacy Windows 98 systems, the thumb drives are equipped with the appropriate software to install the Windows 98 driver on your computer so they can be used easily. Similarly, while using thumb drives have the risk of a few possible security threats such as easy download and uploading of hacking software to and from the devices, or copying of proprietary information to them which are not detected by the system administrator, it is possible to get an anti-virus software to an infected computer from a thumb drive, again, solving the problem. Plus, installation of such software takes very little time so there is no need for any concern.

USB thumb drives are readily available in almost all computer hardware and software stores and that too in a number of different sizes and various designs and colors. Their prices rage from about USD $15 to $200 or so, depending on the capacity size of the device. The higher the capacity the more expensive the device will be.

The thumb drive can be bought in storage sizes starting from a few kilobytes to 8 gigabytes. However, the most commonly used sizes are the flash drives with storage capacities of 128 Megabytes, 256 Megabytes, 512 Megabytes, 1 Gigabyte, 2 Gigabytes and 4 Gigabytes.

All in all, these portable storage devices are becoming increasingly popular day by day and you are most likely to catch someone or the other wearing them around their necks wherever they go. The thumb drives or flash drives are not only very portable, but they are versatile, stable, reliable and durable as well, making them the ideal tool for storing whatever you need to store, safely, for a long time and at very low prices. In addition, one look at them and their cute, small sizes will melt your heart!

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