Through-the-Wall Air Conditioners

A thru (through) the wall air-conditioner is an extremely convenient way to keep either your home or office cool. The beauty of a through the wall air conditioner is that once it has been installed it will remain as a permanent feature. You no longer have to worry about reinstalling an air conditioner every summer and you will find that they are fairly reasonably priced. In fact the most basic type of through the wall air conditioner will retail at approximately $200, although this will very much depend on the size of air conditioner you wish to purchase.

Through the wall air conditioners are fairly similar to window units in that they look the same, but they are in fact very different from each other. A wall air conditioner will have the vents located at the rear, whereas a window unit will typically have vents at the side. A through the wall air conditioner is designed in such a way that it has an extremely compact chassis that will usually be fitted through openings in the wall. This will mean that it is extremely hard to remove the unit and, therefore, it should stay in their permanently. Another major difference between a through the wall air conditioner and a window unit is that the wall units are able to sit flush on the wall and will only hang out minimally from the rear.

A through the wall air conditioner will typically work when hot air enters the condenser, which is then cooled. Once the air is cool this will then be blown back into the room. You will notice that whenever the motor is running it will produce heat, however, this heat will usually be tunnelled through the vents at the back of the unit and this will therefore allow your room to stay cool. If you find that a central air conditioning system is too expensive, a through the wall air conditioner is a viable option. However, it is important to remember that this type of unit will typically only cool one room at a time. Obviously this will limit you to the areas of your home you wish to keep cool, although it will save you a lot of money on your utility bills. Rather than cooling your entire home, you can simply use the unit in one room at a time.

There are, actually, two types of through the wall air conditioners. The first type requires a slide out chassis to be installed and this is typically done in a wall where an air-conditioner was not previously installed. These types of units are fairly easy to install as they come with their own sleeve. You merely have to slide the chassis out of the sleeve and make a hole that is approximately a quarter of an inch larger than the unit’s sleeve should be cut into the wall. You then simply have to screw the sleeve into the wall and then the chassis can be gently slid into the sleeve afterwards. The main reason that a sleeve is used for this type of installation is because it can be easily removed to allow for maintenance and repairs.

The other type of thru the wall air conditioner is typically used where an air conditioner has already once been installed in the wall. You will find that this type of unit is usually more expensive than the other kind of thru the wall air-conditioner, although as there should already be a hole in the wall, installation should cost much less. This type of through the wall air conditioner is mainly used as a replacement. A replacement thru the will air conditioner will normally be smaller than 16 inches tall and 26 inches wide. The majority of these types of through the wall air-conditioner will come with a trim kit that is able to easily slide over the front of the air-conditioner. This will actually fill most of the gaps that are left between the unit and the existing sleeve.

One of the most popular thru the wall air conditioners is the Frigidaire 12,000 BTU. This model is able to cool rooms that are as large as 450 square feet. It offers three different fan speeds and also a four way air direction control. This model was mainly designed as a replacement through the wall air-conditioner and will typically fit into most wall sleeves. You have the choice of full functioning electronic controls and also a full function remote control which also includes a thermostat. This unit uses an antimicrobial mesh air filtration technology and you are able to access the filter by simply sliding it out. The Frigidaire air conditioner also has an auto cool and sleep mode feature and you will find a standard universal interior trim kit that will allow this unit to fit into the majority of existing sleeves. This unit currently retails at $455 and is considered one of the best thru the wall air-conditioners in the marketplace.

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