Text-to-Speech GPS Navigation System

A text-to-speech GPS navigation system is a GPS system that uses voice recognition technology and voice prompts to guide you as you drive. This is the most common form of cue and the most popular form being used in auto GPS devices. The text-to-speech GPS navigation system will audibly tell you such information as what distance you will cover and what direction you need to go in and the name of the street you will turn on. It will prompt you when it is time to make a turn and which direction the turn should be. For example, the voice prompt may say “in 300 feet, turn left on Mulberry Street.”

The text-to-speech GPS navigation system is ideal when you use it for driving to an unfamiliar location. It has a program that provides speech synthesis and an internal computer. The computer reads the street name or text and tries to determine how the street name is pronounced before it speaks it. Since the computer does not always pronounce the text correctly this is why the street name may not be heard exactly as it should. There are no pre-recordings in storage of the street names. The text is read in real time.

However, you will never have any confusion about what street to turn on since you or your passenger can read the display and see the street names after the computer says it. The text-to-speech GPS navigation system is very useful when you are in an unfamiliar area and alone in the vehicle. The only downside with text-to-speech devices is the fact that there may be times when a street is known by more than one name. For example, Hiway 26 may also be called Linden Rd. The name the computer chooses to say may not be the one on the street sign. In this case you should check with your map to clear up any confusion and pay careful attention to the distance cues you are given.

A text-to-speech GPS navigation system will cost a little more than one without this technology, but it is well worth the extra cost. The Garmin nuvi 350 is a text-to-speech navigation system that can locate the satellites faster than any other GPS device and you never have to wait for directions. This GPS device is very small and can fit in your pocket. The screen is readable in under any condition and is very convenient for daily use.

The Garmin nuvi 880 is a portable Bluetooth text-to-speech GPS navigation system. It fits in your pocket as well and has maps for North America stored in memory. It also has access to over 6 million points of interest such as attractions, hotels, restaurants, etc. You will also be able to find the least expensive gas station in the area with enhanced MSN Direct content. This model also uses voice recognition technology and you simply have to say where you want to go. Blutooth enabled so you can hands free. It also is a mp3 player and has many more useful features. If you want a text-to-speech GPS navigation system that will tell you which lanes to use when driving then check out the Navigon 7200 T Portable Car Navigation GPS System with Bluetooth  . It has voice destination activation and will give you turn by turn directions using street names. These are just a few products on the market. There are many others to choose from. Be sure to read the reviews before you choose the one you want. You should also comparison shop for best pricing. They can usually be found at discounted prices during the holidays as well.

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