Telescopic Downdraft Range Hood

If you are in the process of remodeling your kitchen or replacing your kitchen appliances with new ones, one important factor you will have to take into consideration is your range hood. If you are placing your stovetop in an island or peninsula the range hoods can pose some problems you never have thought of before. A telescopic downdraft range hood is the perfect choice for a range or cook top in an island and can eliminate range top placement limitations. You can also use a telescopic downdraft range hood in a cook top against a wall that is under a cabinet.

A telescopic downdraft range hood is so named because it moves up and down depending on whether it’s being used or not. When the telescopic range hood is not being used to vent it retracts back down into the cabinet. Then the next time you are cooking and using your range the telescopic downdraft vent will rise back up to about the level of the top of most pots and pans. Actually the normal level it will rise to is about 7 inches. If you have a telescopic downdraft range hood it will suck the smoke and vapors in sideways and needs to have a very powerful fan motor. You can have a telescopic downdraft range hood installed behind most gas sealed burner cook tops and electric ranges. You can also purchase such ranges that already have pre-built in telescopic down draft range hoods already installed in them.

A downdraft range hood will draw in heat, grease and smoke that are produced when cooking. The heat, grease and smoke are vented outside of the home. You will need to have special vent ducting installed if you do not really have it. If the ducts have to go through the cabinets or under the floor so you may want to have it professionally installed if you are not a do-it-yourselfer. If you’re having an aftermarket telescopic downdraft range hood installed on an existing range or cook top you have to have sufficient enough space behind it for retracting and venting. Most people find it much easier to just purchase a new range with the telescopic downdraft range hood already built-in.

There are various makes and models on the market today. Prices vary between manufacturers. The GE JVB37HBB- Profile Series-30 inch Telescopic Downdraft range hood is one that has a 500 CFM variable speed fan. It has a removable grease filter and comes black in color. You can get it in range widths from 30 to 39 inches. If you are looking for stainless steel for your kitchen then you should check out the GE Profile 30 Telescopic Downdraft range hood model number JVB94SHSS. It also has a removable grease filter and comes with a 3-1/4 x 10 rectangular duct with a stainless steel finish. There are other well known brands on the market including Jennaire, Broan, Kennmore, Frigidaire and others.

The telescopic downdraft range hoods are less commonly found in kitchens as a draft range hoods are more popular. Over the range hoods or under the counter range hoods are also more popular than the telescopic downdraft range hoods. One reason may be that the telescopic downdraft range hoods are more expensive than the other types of range hoods on the market today. Not only that, but installing a downdraft range the can be more labor intensive because of special cabinetry requirements needed. That can end up costing more in labor and installation time. One way to make sure if this type of arrangement is best for your needs is to go online and read the various reviews on range hoods. You will find honest opinions about the pros and cons from various satisfied or dissatisfied customers.

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