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Xbox 360 Memory Unit

The built-in memory in an Xbox 360 console unit can vary in size tremendously. There are some models available with hard drives while others do not have them at all. Having a small amount of memory in your Xbox 360 system can cause problems as you may not have enough room to save everything. Some […]

Xbox Adapter

All the Microsoft Xbox and Xbox 360 come with USB ports for connecting external peripherals such as camera or racing wheels. A WiFi game adapter is required to set up a wireless network for the Xbox console, instead of a generic adapter. These game adapters are designed without the need for driver installation, and thus […]

Xbox 360 Headset

Right from the off, the Xbox 360 has been one of the most popular games consoles to date. The graphics are fantastic, and the features are incredibly impressive. Marketers have taken advantage of the popularity of the Xbox 360, and have been cashing in on it’s success ever since. This isn’t a bad thing, of […]

Xbox 360 Controller

Are you tired of your corded Xbox 360 controller? Irritated over all the cords and wires you have to constantly unravel just to be able to start your gaming action? Here’s something new for you then. You do not have to stay tied down to your Xbox 360 controller anymore. Now you have the wireless […]