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Wireless Laser Mouse

Everybody talks much more about differences between Intel and AMD, between MAC and PC, but almost no one talks about differences among mice. Mice are incredibly important for user comfort. Optical or not, cordless or not – you’ll work faster and with less stress with a better mouse. Currently, there is a further feature to […]

Wireless Keyboard

A world without wires. That’s really the dream, isn’t it. And in the age where cell phones are increasingly becoming multimedia centers, wireless devices such as the wireless keyboard become increasingly valuable. There are many factors involved when purchasing a wireless keyboard and they include compatibility with your computer’s operating system, your budget, range in […]

Logitech Wireless Keyboard

For the flexibility to type anywhere, a cordless keyboard could be the way to go. These wireless keyboard devices are especially useful for board meetings, when you don’t want to mess with unwieldy cords. Wireless keyboards can add a touch of class to a workspace or the home, with their sleek designs and the absence […]

Wireless Optical Mouse

What would we do without mice? No, I don’t mean the small, hairy, cheese nibbling kind. As far as I’m concerned, the world would be perfectly fine without those little guys. No, what would we do without computer mice? First of all, our computers would be a much less interactive place. We would not be […]

Wireless Webcam

Wireless webcams can be used for all sort of purposes: the soldier’s wife talking to her husband in Iraq, security surveillance, keeping track of children and pets, spying on the babysitter … the list is endless. These cams can be used on both wired and wireless networks. While wireless gives you more options, wired webcams […]

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

It doesn’t take long to realize that just about everyone you know either has wireless Bluetooth headphones or they plan on getting them. Gone are the days when our electronics were wired to a device that was plugged into a wall. A lot of young people today have no clue what it was like to […]

Wireless Mouse

Just like their rodent namesakes, computer mice have always come equipped with their long tail. In fact, the term “mouse” was coined at the Stanford Research Institute simply because these small devices resembled those small furry pests. Though in the case of a computer mouse, the “tail” has always been a cord that connects the […]

Wireless Audio Speakers

Popularity for home theater systems has not even begun to slow down. Nothing is more frustrating than getting your new system home and being ready to start setting it up, only to be dismayed by the huge array of wires and cables that come with it. One way to cut down the clutter is to […]

Cordless Microphone

Unlike wired microphones, a cordless microphone allows the user complete freedom of movement, since it is not attached to the receiver with a physical cable. A microphone is actually a transmitter and a receiver. Wired microphones require physical cables to connect them to the recording, transmitting or amplifying device. This is because wired microphones transmit […]

Wireless Home Theater

With the advent of the wireless home theater, consumer can have the joys of home theater technology without the arduous task of managing multiple cables, at least from speaker to speaker (they still require power cords). But this isn’t all that’s good about these systems. As technology advances, prices will go down and more people […]

Wireless Microphone

Even when wireless microphones had for all intents and purposes replaced wired microphones as the sound amplification device of choice almost everywhere, Bob Barker, long-time host of television game show The Price is Right, refused to give up his wired mic because he considered it part of his signature. Bob Barker was a one of […]