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Wireless Remote Extender

There are numerous moments when people find themselves in predicaments where the range of their remote control is not enough for the job. It may be in circumstances where the device is set up in one room but the main controls are left in another. The user may have their remote control with them but […]

WiFi USB Adapter

There is ample evidence that the popularity of portable computers is driving the decline of desktop computers. Sales of notebooks and netbooks are rising fast as falling prices make them more attractive than desktops. Instead of upgrading old computers, many owners are disposing of them and buying new portables. One of the reasons why they […]

Wireless Air Cards

If you want mobility with your laptop or live in a rural area where internet connection is not available, you can use a wireless air card instead. Wireless air cards will allow you to get online using your laptop from any location that is able to pick up a signal from a cell carrier tower. […]

Wireless Range Extender

In the world of information highway, the internet has become a necessity for each individual. But as the age of humanity has grown, the need for wireless access has become more desirable day by day. And because of such demands, wireless internets such as Wi-Fi have been developed. Wireless networks (WLAN) can now be seen […]

WiFi Signal Booster

You may have a wireless internet router already installed in your home so that you can connect to the internet without using wires on your desktop and/or laptop. While your router is in one room, you may have a wireless DVR in another room or some other wireless device you want to use like a […]

Wireless USB Hub

Wireless hubs have been around for quite a while now, but their popularity starting soaring recently due to the growth in internet revolution. Networking has now reached workplaces and households, making hubs necessary gadgets. It can connect multiple computers together to create a single network, making it surprisingly easy to access. It can also share […]

Wireless LAN Switch

Advancements in technology are rapidly growing everyday. If you looked back at just how much things have changed in technology in your lifetime you would be amazed. Not only in the last century or decade have things evolved but every single day someone is coming up with a newer and better way to do things. […]

Wireless Laptop Card

With the current technology in place, you have the opportunity of working from anywhere. This is through the efforts put in to bring about wireless workflow enabled laptops. The compatibility of AT&T in the beginning with most of the window-based systems and laptop-connect cards has promoted the mobile working and accessibility to customers and office […]

Wireless Repeater

Wireless repeaters are used for weak wireless signals and are placed at a halfway point between your computer and your wireless access point. Strong brands include Buffalo Technology, D-Link and Linksys. The devices carry no wires and instead preserve the initial signal, then give it a boost. This is a good option for those whose […]

Wireless Access Point

Wireless access points (WAPs) are devices that act as transmitter and receivers of wireless Internet signals. They are commonly used for the home or office and usually incorporate a built-in adapter and antenna. With the assistance of WAPs, several computers on the home or office can hook up to the Internet, with only the assistance […]

Wireless Bridge

A wireless bridge (WLAN bridge) is a computer component that enables a connection between at least two network segments (LANs). It is not always a piece of hardware, sometimes it’s only necessary to convert information from one type of protocol into another type of protocol. Some operating systems (like Windows, Mac OS X, Linux or […]

WiFi Router

Arguably the most important aspect of seamless wireless connectivity, no wireless connection can ever be complete without a WiFi router. Going by the popular description of the device, the hardware and software of this device is instrumental in routing and forwarding of information, and pertaining to our understanding need, this information can be understood as […]

Linksys Wireless Router

Wireless computing has become the way that many people prefer to enjoy their home personal computer use. There are a number of great benefits to having a Linksys wireless router in your home for personal use. This is a fabulous way to allow all the members of your family access to your home network that […]

Wireless Broadband Router

Have you ever taken some time to think with your friends or even staff members about the good side of your wireless broadband router? Well, the network utility is simply magical. A router is known for connecting computers to enable simple sharing of the Internet. With a cable modem, the speed is enhanced – something […]

WiFi Receiver

If you’re sick of wires or own a laptop, you will need to consider a wireless receiver for your system. Wireless receivers are devices that receive a wireless Internet signal without the assistance of wires. Some of them are plug-and-use, while others require installation of software that comes with the device. Some wireless Internet receivers […]

Wireless Gateway

Many people have discovered the convenience of having all of the computers in their home or office connected to the home network with a wireless gateway device. The cost of connecting all of the computers in your home together is much lower than before, which has increased the number of people who are interested in […]

Infrared Transceiver

Infrared transceivers are a form of wireless signal transmission that makes wireless Internet connections happen. This technology is easily recognized by the blinking of light on the device. The light is actually at work rather than electricity, thus the name infrared transmission. A little known fact is that desktop PCs have the capability to use […]

Wireless Network Card

It seems like magic. As soon as you install a wireless network card in your desktop or laptop computer, suddenly, in certain hot spots, your computer is able to grasp internet access out of thin air. With a wireless network card, it is easier than ever to feel like you are connected to the rest […]

Wireless Network Adapter

Without a doubt, the internet is one of mankind’s greatest inventions. Though naysayers decry the excesses of spam email, pop up ads, and the endless scams that the internet has helped perpetuate, nobody can deny that the internet has made some very positive changes in our lives. Some people even go so far as to […]

Wireless Desktop Card

Thinking of converting your desktop into a wireless system? Then you will need to install a wireless desktop card to use with a wireless router. Your wireless network card will communicate with the router at remarkably faster speeds than you ever thought possible. You’ll need to get one that works at the same speed as […]

Wireless Network Converter

Do you have a wired Ethernet equipped device that you want to make a part of your wireless network devices? If so, you need a wireless network converter to do it. A wireless network converter, also known as a bridge, will connect game consoles, computers and other such devices so that they can share the […]

Belkin Wireless Router

If you’ve been working with multiple computers and other devices for some time, then you’ve probably tried your hand at getting them to work together – in other words, networking. If not within the house, almost everyone gets their PC connected to the internet at least. If you have attempted anything like this, you’ve probably […]

USB Modem

Of the multitude of ways to connect to the internet, especially for those seeking connectivity on the go, one of the newest is the USB modem. Typically, getting wireless internet connection requires having a LAN card and access to a Wi-Fi hotspot. But with a USB modem you can have direct access to the internet, […]

Wireless PCMCIA Card

If you are like many American consumers, you get lost in the acronyms and abbreviations that seem to pepper the computing world. For example, a PC Card is a credit card sized peripheral that adds memory, mass storage, and interoperability capabilities to computers in a rugged, compact form factor. The PCMCIA is the Personal Computer […]

Wireless LAN Card

The market for wireless computing is getting bigger every day. There are new developments for using wireless devices in many more ways and places. Lots of people choose to use a wireless LAN card for their wireless computing while they are out and about. If you have seen the Wi-Fi hotspots all over the country, […]

Wireless PCI Card

If you are running a network bank of computers, it can be a tedious and tiresome thing to try and keep everything sorted out; especially if you are running cables across the office or house just to try and keep all of the computers synched up. However, you can eliminate a lot of these hassles […]

Wireless Dongle

A wireless dongle is a wonderful device that equips a computer with Bluetooth networking capabilities. Simply put, a wireless dongle makes it possible to help you network wirelessly with other devices. However, it is important that these devices also have wireless networking capabilities. Wireless networking has now become a standard with all devices; almost every […]

Wireless USB Adapter

If you’re still grappling with multiple wires and tied to your modem when it comes Internet access, it’s time to get with the times! Wireless Universal Serial Bus (WUSB), which made big waves in recent years, employs the same type of technology as the traditional USB, but without the cable. No fuss, no muss! Okay, […]

Wireless Router

If you have a lot of computer equipment in your home, you probably have a need for a wireless router. This is a device that takes either the cable or DSL internet that is coming into your house and broadcasts it into a wireless signal so that other devices in your home are able to […]