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Motorola Walkie-Talkies

Motorola has focused a lot of its’ attention on radio products. This was displayed in even the earliest years of the business – dating back to 1940 when the very first walkie-talkie made its’ introduction under the Motorola brand. Also, in 1940, Motorola spent a lot of time and money on becoming more educated and […]

WiFi Phone

Most people would agree that their mobile phone bills are too expensive. However, there is now a cheaper alternative to both the mobile phone and fixed-line phone. The WiFi phone resembles a mobile phone in form and function, but it takes advantage of the cheaper call rates available from internet phone services, like Skype. By […]

Two Way Radio

When handheld phones, or walkie-talkies as they were known, first came out, they were considered very high tech – the cutting edge of technology, even. They were available to only the very rich, and became a status symbol on par with expensive cars and big houses. But the technology used to create them had been […]

Cordless Phone

The cordless phone has been around since the early nineteen eighties; however, they have evolved since then to become more and more reliable. In the beginning, the cell phones that were on the market were not readily accessible to everyone, but the cordless phone gave everyone the ability to walk around their homes and talk […]