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Back Bar Coolers

A back bar cooler is a type of cooler that is commonly used for storing alcoholic beverages in bars. The cooler is installed behind the bar so that it can be easily accessed for the bartender. Storing and serving alcoholic beverages with the back bar cooler can be very convenient if the appropriate cooler and […]

Wine Bottle Cooler

One of the most frustrating things about holding a dinner party is finding room for all the wine bottles. The main fridge is normally packed with food for the party. A bar fridge can hold a couple of bottles but you need more than for a really good dinner party. The best option for storing […]

Wine Dispenser

A wine dispenser is a fantastic way to ensure that your last glass of wine is just as good as the first. Numerous establishments and at-home wine enthusiasts will find using a wide dispenser extremely handy. They are known to offer great value and can even help to increase the overall value of a bottle […]

Dual Zone Wine Cooler

In the modern world, wine is synonymous with fine dining. It is necessary for special occasions, without which the event remains incomplete. There are hundreds and thousands of different varieties of wine to suit the numerous different palettes. And to get the optimal taste of any fine wine, certain requirements of its atmosphere should be […]

Wine Cellar

Most people have probably only seen a wine cellar in a movie or television program, but they really do exist. Many wineries and wine aficionados have wine cellars, although personal wine cellars are usually fairly small. While wine cellars are usually belowground, there are aboveground versions that are usually referred to as a wine room. […]

Wine Chiller

More often than not, adults usually allocate a spot in their homes where they can keep a collection of their favorite alcoholic beverages particularly the wine. Unlike other alcoholic beverages, wine can be stored for as long as you like. As a matter of fact, some people actually keep wines for a very long time […]

Wine Refrigerator

Wine refrigerators are appliances that are used to store wines at a cool temperature and proper humidity conditions so that they can retain their tastes for a long period of time. These refrigerators are much different from normal refrigerators. First of all, these refrigerators will store only wine and will have several vertical and horizontal […]