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Digital Barometer

A digital barometer is an accurate up-to-date instrument for measuring the current atmospheric pressure and can record historical data for comparison. They are used a lot to forecast the weather. The first barometer was invented by Evangelista Torricelli in 1643. His invention used water in a tube to measure the barometric pressure. The water barometer […]

Handheld Anemometer

An anemometer is a device used to measure different aspects of wind. Anemometers generally measure the speed of wind, but can also detect the velocity, and pressure in wind. The very first anemometer was invented by Leon Battista Alberti, an Italian art architect, in 1450. A number of advances to the primitive model have taken […]

Digital Thermometers

The vivid example of how technology is making our everyday life more easy and efficient is clear. We don’t have to drop a roll of film to the studio to get photos developed, thanks to digital cameras. Neither do we have to suffer from examining the thin line of mercury in a slender thermometer, struggling […]

Wireless Rain Gauge

A wireless rain gauge is a type of an electronic device that is used in the measurement and recording of rainfall on a daily basis. The rainfall that is taken into a rain collector is measured by the gauge and the results are transferred to a display panel wirelessly. Therefore, a wireless rain gauge always […]

Humidity Logger

Humidity loggers are a type of data logging devices. As their name suggests, they measure the level of humidity in the atmosphere. They also measure changes in levels of humidity. As a result, they are absolutely essential for people who are living in areas which are prone to natural disasters. These watches come useful not […]

Temperature Sensor

With the cost of electricity on the rise many people are trying to maintain a temperature in their home to keep their energy bills down. The problem with this is that a thermostat is usually in on area of the home and it may be difficult to determine what the actual room temperature is of […]

Wireless Weather Station

Weather stations are great for telling what the conditions are inside and outside the home. However, many homeowners are put off by the amount of wiring required to install one. The main benefit of using a wireless weather station is that it doesn’t need any wiring, saving both time and money. It functions just as […]