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Freeze Alarm

A freeze alarm should be found in any home because of the benefits it has to offer during the winter months. The freeze alarm will provide you with a prevention alarm for your home. If water pipes begin to freeze, the freeze alarm can notify you of this so the problem can be resolved before […]

Water Alarm

A water alarm is a device that gives off an audible alarm in case of a water leak. There are many applications of a water alarm; wherever there is a chance of water being leaked, a water alarm can give advance indication of the problem. It can be used in basements and garages and in […]

Flood Alarm

If you live in an area that deals with frequent flooding or have basement pipes that have a tendency to burst and flood your basement, you may want to invest in a flood alarm. There are several different styles of flood alarms, but all do basically the same thing: make a lot of noise when […]