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Compact Washers & Dryers

These days condos are everywhere, we’re all downsizing and many people don’t live in a single family home anymore. In fact more and more people are living in smaller spaces. And with these smaller spaces comes the need for compact washers and dryer. A compact washer and dryer are designed to fit into tinier spaces […]

Steam Washing Machine

Technology has really made some fantastic advancements in washing machines these days. A new steam washing machine is uses the latest technology and advancements that we can have today to get our clothes clean. Not only can we get our clothes much cleaner than we ever have been able to before but we can use […]

All-in-One Washer/Dryer

An all-in-one washer/dryer unit is the perfect choice for those homes with little space. They allow you to wash and then dry laundry all in one machine. Since they do have a much smaller load capacity, they are much better suited for single people or couples. Those with larger families would likely not find them […]

LG Washing Machines

When buying a washing machine you will have to look at a number of characteristics to find a model that best suits your needs. While there are many companies to choose from, you will want to stick with one of the top guns. Some of the major brands of washing machines include LG, Whirlpool, and […]

Integrated Washer/Dryer

Washer and dryers have been produced for many years already but it is only as of recent that more complex designs have been made available publicly. There are a variety of washer and dryers available with advanced features that make them an interesting investment. In particular, the washer/dryer combo has gathered a lot of interest […]

Samsung Washer/Dryer

Samsung has made a name for itself in the consumer electronics industry. Samsung has held the title of the most popular manufacturer of consumer electronics for four years and the company still holds the title as of now. With that said, there is no doubt that the 72 year old company has fully established a […]

Portable Washers

A portable washer, or washing machine as it is more commonly referred to, is an essential part of any home. We all need to wash our clothes, and although some portable washers are obscenely priced, it is possible to purchase one with a reasonable price tag attached. It all depends on your requirements. For example, […]

Kenmore Washing Machine

Kenmore Appliances has been around for a very long time; it first surfaced in the late 1920’s. Since then, it’s become synonymous with common household appliances, like washing machines. When it comes to washing machines, there are a lot of options, and it can take quite a bit of work to separate from the crowd. […]

Portable Clothes Washer

Washing clothes is one of those mundane chores that a person often dislikes, but can never find a way to go around it. For those who have limited free time, lugging bags of dirty laundry to a public Laundromat is not an ideal process. While modern washing machines can be purchased for home use, the […]

Electrolux Washer

Electrolux is a Swedish company that became a brand name in 1957. It was founded under a slightly different name in 1910. It is a manufacturing company known for manufacturing high quality professional appliances. It is now the 2nd largest appliance manufacturer in the world. Electrolux sells more than 40 million products in more than […]

GE Washing Machines

Like cars, washing machines are an investment – they last for years, they are used constantly and they perform a very important function – doing the laundry. Anyone buying a washing machine must put a great deal of thought into it. Again, like cars, washing machines have to match both the needs and lifestyle of […]

Frigidaire Washer

Frigidaire is an appliance company which manufactures products intended for domestic use that includes household devices such as air conditioners, cookers, dryers, freezers, microwaves and washers. The appliance industry has steadily developed into a very spirited market full of competitors, of which most are quite competent and powerful. Frigidaire appliances have to battle many rivaling […]

Samsung Washer

A new Samsung washer will win you over once you see how clean your clothes turn out when compared with other major brand washing machines that are manufactured in Europe and the United States. Samsung won the 2008 manufacturers award for ease of use, energy efficiency, noise level, design, feature options and value. Samsung washers […]

Ventless Washer/Dryer Combo

When buying a washer and dryer you have a lot of options. You could purchase a top load or front load model, a steam washer, and more. One of the better options for someone looking for a washer/dryer to place in a small area is the washer and dryer combo machine. To go a step […]

Coin Operated Washer

Coin operated washers are usually located in apartment buildings where most people don’t have their own washers. Instead of wasting space with this necessary appliance, many persons prefer spending a couple of coins whenever they want to get their laundry done. In addition, having all of the washers located in a single place makes the […]

LG Washer

Washing machines make our life so much simpler. Avoiding the inconvenience of hauling our laundry out the door and down the street to the launder mat makes having a working washer in our home so nice. Almost everyone has experienced at some point in their lives the frustrating times of not having a washer in […]

Whirlpool Washer

Whirlpool is one of the leading manufacturers of washing machines on the market today. They have a great reputation of providing dependable and easy to use washing machines. Having a reliable washing machine is a necessity for many households across the world. In order to avoid having to run to the launder mat every time […]

Integrated Washing Machine

There are many differences between a free standing washing machine and an integrated washing machine. One of them is that the integrated washing machines have flush mounted doors and the controls are a bit different than the standard washing machine. These machines are built for integration of a cabinet system or part of a wall […]

Maytag Washers

Are you are in need of a new washing machine? If you are, have you looked at a Maytag washer lately? When shopping for a new washing machine it is easy to become overwhelmed with how many makes and models there are on the market to choose from. If you narrow your choices down to […]

Stackable Washer & Dryer

If you are in the market for a new washer and dryer combo, you will be surprised at how many makes and models are available on the market today to choose from. There are so many choices that you may become a little overwhelmed by them all. If you happen to live in a small […]

Portable Washing Machine

This is the era where almost everything has its small versions. Almost all appliances are now portable. The cabled telephones of long ago are now turned into mobile phones that have models that can be hidden within your palm. Bulky televisions were now changed into slimmer and sleeker design. And would you believe that even […]

Washer Dryer Combo

Until very recently in the perspective of history, our laundry washing technology was extremely low tech. Our ancestors – usually our female ancestors – washed dirty shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, coats and unmentionables in a running stream or in a large bucket filled with water. Using soaps made from natural plants or, more recently, bought […]

Hotpoint Washing Machine

If your old washing machine has just washed its last load and now you are in need of a new one, you should look into buying a new Hotpoint washing machine. Hotpoint is a well known and trusted brand name that is now a major appliance company in the UK. Hotpoint remains at the top […]

Top Loading Washing Machine

Everyone hates doing laundry, but it’s even worse doing laundry in a washing machine you don’t like or one that has problems. A top loading washing machine is the standard, traditional type of washing machine, and while you may be tempted to go with one of the front loading machines or other fancy washing machine, […]

Gas Dryer

The gas dryer is a kind of dryer that people used for drying clothes. These are clothes that have been washed through other means, such as a washing machine. The gas dryer takes care of the drying part. Both heat and mechanical force are applied in these machines to expel the water present in the […]

Washer/Dryer Combo

The washing machine and dryer have become an important part of almost every household. They help busy homemakers a lot who cannot focus on the laundry all of the time. With them around, they can do their other household chores while allowing the two machines take care of those soiled clothes. Now, it would certainly […]

Electric Dryer

An electric dryer is used to dry your clothing after it has been removed from your clothes washer. An electric dryer is one variant of dryer while the other is powered by gas. While the gas dryer is more prevalent in some areas, the electric dyer is the more common of the two because all […]

Top Load Washer

The top load washer is the most preferred washing machine in the United States, where 65% of the people prefer them as opposed to 35% of the people who prefer the front loading machines. Top loading washing machines have been in vogue ever since the washing machine technology developed; the front loading machines came later. […]

Washing Machine

Washing machines replaced wash boards long ago as the preferred way of cleaning fabrics. The two types available today are top loading and front loading. The original machines were top loading and they are still popular today in countries outside of Europe, but front loading machines have become the most popular within Europe. Front loading […]

Front Load Washer

Aside from a kitchen that is filled with all kinds of important appliances, many homemakers are also yearning for another big home appliance that would make their life more easier when they are around the house. The washing machine is one of the most essential appliances that all homes must have. It would clean the […]