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USB Internet Phone

There was a time that if you wished to make a phone call over the Internet you would have to use a simple headset and microphone system. Unfortunately this caused many problems as both a headset and microphone would cause complications with your computer speakers and this really did not truly feel like a phone […]

Wireless SIP Phone

A wireless SIP phone is one that is designed to be used with SIP and VOIP. SIP stands for Session Initiated Protocol. It works like a regular wireless phone but only uses or accepts SIP or VOIP technologies and allows you to make calls over the internet. A wireless SIP phone can have most of […]

VoIP Adapter

Are you tired of all the money you have to pay every month for the use of your traditional landline telephone calls? Perhaps you are a small business owner who needs to leave the office on an extended business trip and can not afford to miss your important phone calls. People who want more freedom […]

VoIP Router

The internet has changed the way we access information but it has also changed the way we make telephone calls. Callers can save a lot of money by diverting their calls to the internet and away from the phone companies. They can save even more money if they cancel their land line service and use […]

VoIP Phone

If you have loved ones who live in another country, you are probably very familiar with the outrageous high costs of international long distance phone calls. Some families have been paying thousands of dollars each month just to stay in touch with their loved ones overseas. The new advances in VoIP phone technology are turning […]