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Video Graphics Cards

The video graphics card was initially intended as just a connection port for the monitor, but it has now become one of the most important components inside a computer. The first card was launched in 1981 as part of the hugely successful IBM PC and could only display a few lines of text in one […]

Low Profile Video Card

In the early days of computing, buyers were usually not concerned about the type of video card inside a computer. It was all about the power of the central processor or the size of the hard drive, or even the number of keys on the keyboard. But thanks to the growing popularity of video games, […]

AGP Video Cards

AGP video cards have become a dying brand of product, but they are still used in some computers. Ever since the advent of PCI express cards, AGP video cards (and drivers) have been in a sharp decline. PCI-e ports outclass AGP ports in just about every way, and that inevitable conclusion has driven consumers and […]

VGA Cooler

Have you ever noticed that your computer makes a very distracting noise when you are trying to watch a movie? This is because the Video Graphics Card is overheating. Not only can this be a bit of a nuisance, but it can also be harming the hard drive. To get the best out of your […]

Graphics Adapter

Commonly known as a video card, a graphics adapter is the part of the computer that controls its graphical display. In modern computers, the graphics adapter is attached to the motherboard through a PCI-e port. This allows the graphics adapter to control the display, as opposed to the CPU. If the CPU were to control […]

PCI Express Video Cards

PCI Express video cards are video cards designed to fit in the small PCI Express slot on a computer’s motherboard. The PCI Express, or Peripheral Component Interconnect Express, is the newest computer expansion slot, and it has become the industry standard since it was first introduced in 2004. Often abbreviated PCIe or PCI-E, this slot […]

HDMI Video Card

High definition monitors are becoming increasingly popular with computer owners as their price falls. To get the best performance out of one of these monitors, it should be used with a HDMI video card. HDMI carries both high definition digital and audio signals in the one cable, eliminating the jungle of wires behind a computer. […]

ATI Video Card

What you see on your computer screen is largely determined by the quality of your video card. A video card is the component in your computer that generates images and sends them to the monitor. Early computers had the video controller integrated into the motherboard but this limited the image capability of the computer system. […]

ATI Graphics Card

These days in the video gaming world, faster is always better and the more realistic the better. To enhance your computer’s ability to improve the graphics and game performance of video games, users of all levels have been turning to graphics cards, or graphics processing units. Many of these graphics cards carry many functions, including […]

Graphics Card

If you are a person who enjoys playing computer video games, then you probably already know about the capabilities of a graphics card. If not, however, you should know that a graphics card is designed to generate the images that are displayed on your computer screen. This is not all though, as some of the […]

PCI Video Card

A PCI video card manages and controls video and images on your monitor. The card has the ability to change incoming signals from videos so that they can be displayed on the monitor. The PCI video card is plugged into your computer’s PCI rack right by your other expansion cards. This is located in your […]