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Trail Camera

It wasn’t that long ago that hunters or hunting enthusiasts used trail timers to record when and where a specific animal had travelled a given path. This was a great invention however you were not able to tell which animal you were actually trailing. Fortunately timers have involved and we now have the technology of […]

Game Cameras

Tracking animals in the wild can be very frustrating unless you know where to look for them. Just picking a spot and waiting for one to show up usually ends in disappointment. Any tool that helps you to locate animals faster is a huge time saver. A game camera does all the watching and waiting […]

Digital Pen Camera

As the media constantly reminds us, cameras are everywhere these days and they keep getting smaller and more powerful. Just a few years ago, it would have been laughable to suggest that a pen had a camera inside it, but not today. The digital pen camera is a new type of gadget that has earned […]

Rear View Camera

A rear view camera is a device that helps to ensure safety for both your vehicle and anything or anyone who may be in your blind spot when you are backing up. Also known as car cameras, these devices help to increase your field of view and provide safety that traditional rear view mirrors cannot […]

Nanny Cam

Your children’s health and well-being is most likely to be one of the most important things that you ever need to consider. The majority of parents lead very busy lifestyles and will often have to rely on some form of childcare or a nanny. Many of these parents consider installing an in-home surveillance device such […]

Helmet Camera

The first helmet camera to be sold to the general public was a large bulky camera that was mounted on a helmet or other type of headgear. These types of cameras were first used to record sports and adventure activities and on movie sets and many construction workers used them. Now, there are two types […]

Internet Camera

So if you too hate crowding up the walls and ceilings of your office with strings and bundles of wires because as of yet, perhaps no one has managed to maintain a top notch status with their office ambience as well leaving wires lying around for all to see. For this reason Internet cameras are […]

Panasonic Video Camera

The handheld video camera, or camcorder if you prefer, is still a useful gadget to have these days. The quality of mobile phone video is woeful compared to that from a Panasonic video camera, and digital cameras lack many important features. Standard definition and high definition models are both available, and each camera comes packed […]

CCD Camera

Many businesses have incorporated CCD cameras to their location as a way to keep a close eye on the customers, workers, and building. There are a variety of reasons why security can come in handy. The most common reason being to be able to prevent thieves from getting away with merchandise. Before cameras were a […]

Pocket Video Camera

Pocket video cameras are designed to be sleek, lightweight, and portable. Most designs of these small video cameras are barely larger than a basic mobile phone. With the small size of these video cameras, it makes them easy to bring along as you could comfortably carry them in your pocket. You may not have a […]

Laptop Webcam

If you have laptop and use it to get on the internet a lot, you may have noticed that when you are instant messaging with your friends that they have a small icon by their name that looks like a video camera. That means that they have their laptop webcam on and if you click […]

Smoke Detector Camera

Smoke detector cameras are very useful to spot and keep track of any activity going on inside one’s house or office without knowledge of others. It can be easily placed on the ceilings of any room. Although it is called a smoke detector camera, it actually does not sound any alarm when there is smoke. […]

Logitech QuickCam

Logitech QuickCam is a line of video camera webcams produced, of course, by Logitech. There are so many cameras in this range now, each offering something different. Some of the newer models, of course, offer more exciting and impressive features, but some are just basic webcams. It all depends on what you want to use […]

CMOS Camera

Cameras are some of the most demanded pieces of equipment found in the electronic department these days. It seems everyone owns a camera for capturing all those special moments that life has to offer. Cameras have evolved a lot over the years and the latest switch from point and shoot film cameras over to digital […]

Logitech Webcam

The Logitech Webcam is one of the many peripheral devices made by the Swiss company ‘Logitech Group’, which was established in 1981. Initially, Logitech was widely known for one of its mass-marketed devices, the computer mouse. Logitech also manufactures keyboards, speakers, webcams, game controllers and gaming ware, headphones, headsets, microphones (desktop), wireless audio devices, Harmony […]

CCTV Camera

It is almost impossible to move around town these days without being spotted by at least one CCTV camera. Most people will encounter several cameras in the course of their normal day. Cameras are used primarily for security but also for many other roles. The types available range from tiny pinhole cameras to large cameras […]

Wireless Security Camera

Cameras are an effective way of maintaining security in a remote location. While they are small and inexpensive, installing cables for them can be very expensive. Wireless security cameras get around this problem by using radio signals instead of cables. There are infrared models that can see in the dark and small pinhole models that […]

DV Camcorder

The camcorder was introduced more than twenty years ago but it has only been in the last few years that digital models have appeared. The increasing use of computers and the internet for editing and publishing videos has been the driving force behind the shift to digital video. Digital provides many benefits over the old […]

Digital Video Camera

Video cameras have come a long way since the original models were introduced. The main improvement in that time has been the shift from analogue to digital. Digital cameras provide better picture quality and allow videos to be quickly copied to a computer and uploaded to the internet. The digital video camera has been so […]

Night Vision Security Camera

As any police officer or security guard knows, criminals prefer to operate at night under the cover of darkness. A night vision security camera is essential for showing what is happening when the light level is too low for a regular camera. Infrared lights inside the camera automatically turn on to illuminate the area in […]

Optical Zoom Camcorder

Today it is easier than ever to edit and create your own videos with great quality, for the enjoyment of your friends and family. There were once only a few options for your camcorder, but today there are so many more choices that you might find it a little difficult to choose the right one. […]

HD Camcorder

Home movies have been a part of our lives almost as long as the technology was available. Our parents and grandparents made home movies on shaky Super 8 cameras, and later, we moved on to video camera and camcorder technology. Camcorders are so named because they contain both a video camera and a video recorder […]

MiniDV Camcorder

MiniDV camcorders dominated the camcorder field for a long time, though now, as with most dominating technology, they are being supplanted by newer, younger, sleeker camcorders. But before discounting MiniDV camcorders entirely, it is important to remember that they still dominate sales in most first world countries, and these simple, easy to use and cost […]

Digital Video Recorder

When television first came into homes across America in the 1940’s and 50’s, Americans had to be at home in front of the television when their favorite shows like I Love Lucy or Leave it to Beaver came on, otherwise, they would miss them and there was nothing to be done about it. Then, by […]

Wireless Webcam

Wireless webcams can be used for all sort of purposes: the soldier’s wife talking to her husband in Iraq, security surveillance, keeping track of children and pets, spying on the babysitter … the list is endless. These cams can be used on both wired and wireless networks. While wireless gives you more options, wired webcams […]

HD Video Recorder

Video recorders or rather digital video recorders are becoming all the rage these days. With very little time to ourselves during the day and even lesser time left to dedicate to our favorite soaps, games, movies, reality TV episodes, it becomes quite convenient to have a device record all your favorite programs so that you […]

Security Camera

The security camera is the most essential part of any residential or commercial security system. Basically, it is a camera that is positioned in a way that it can ‘see’ a particular area that needs to be monitored. The cameras themselves are mostly stationery and even their positioning is stationery, since the main intention is […]

Digital Video Camcorder

Today’s digital video camcorder products have gone from the old big and bulky analog gadgets down to being so small that a digital camcorder can fit into the palm of your hand. Gone are the days where you had to have both a camera and a video camcorder. Now, various cameras are available that also […]

DVD Camcorder

When it is time for you to choose and buy a DVD camcorder, there are many things that you will have to consider. There are some criteria that should be used when making a purchase like this. The DVD camcorder that you choose should have all of the features that you will require to capture […]