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Video to VGA Converter

These days our options for video and gaming are always expanding and getting better. Got an old analog TV or an older PC monitor that’s not in use? Want to use it for gaming, or watching DVD’s and videos? Well, then getting a video to VGA converter is what you’re looking for. Of course, that’s […]

VGA to TV Converter

A video graphics array (VGA) was originally a graphic display system that was developed by IBM for PCs. It actually refers to the display hardware that was introduced with IBM’s first line of computers back in 1987. VGA, although now obsolete, most often refers to computer graphics. However rather than viewing the graphics on your […]

VGA to DVI Adapter

In the past decade, LCD has slowly taken over from CRT as the dominant technology for both televisions and computer monitors. This long transition period has resulted in some unusual adapters appearing on the market, such as the VGA to DVI adapter. This is used to convert the VGA socket on a computer to a […]

VGA Cable

A VGA cable is an extension cable that can be used to transmit your video signal between your laptop and your desk top and other applications as well. For example, it can be used to connect or extend monitors like on your television set or projectors. VGA stands for Video Graphics Array. A VGA cable […]

VGA Monitor Cable

Video Graphics Array – more commonly known as just VGA – represents the minimum standard of resolutions of color in electronic devices, especially computer monitors. It is usually the most compatible color resolution, and hence, it is the most popular among other color resolutions. The VGA is typically identified by a total of 32 colors. […]

VGA Cooler

Have you ever noticed that your computer makes a very distracting noise when you are trying to watch a movie? This is because the Video Graphics Card is overheating. Not only can this be a bit of a nuisance, but it can also be harming the hard drive. To get the best out of your […]

VGA Splitter

Gaming as we know it has now taken on a whole new form. People are now going crazy over PC gaming and even console gaming continues to have its popularity increasing daily. Currently millions of gamers are spending hours upon hours in front of their computers, and that’s where VGA Splitters work like a treat. […]

DVI to VGA Converters

There are a number of reasons to need a DVI to VGA converter. DVI is a fairly new way to connect a device to a TV or monitor, and there are more new video rendering devices built with DVI outputs than there are TV’s built with DVI inputs. However, VGA outputs have been around for […]

DVI To VGA Adapter

One of the major changes that has been occurring in the world of computing over the past few years is the introduction of flat panel monitors. Older monitors with VGA plugs are steadily being replaced by newer monitors with DVI plugs. These two plugs are incompatible with each other because they have different pin numbers […]