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WiFi USB Adapter

There is ample evidence that the popularity of portable computers is driving the decline of desktop computers. Sales of notebooks and netbooks are rising fast as falling prices make them more attractive than desktops. Instead of upgrading old computers, many owners are disposing of them and buying new portables. One of the reasons why they […]

USB Audio Interfaces

A USB audio interface is a powerful external sound card that’s almost always used for high quality music recordings. More commercial users of PCs won’t need all the features and high quality sound ability of such a professional external sound card, even hardcore gamers. Gamers are more into video quality. A USB audio interface is […]

USB to PCMCIA Converter

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) is the standard connector for most of the computer peripherals that we use. A USB cable is attached to just about every modern keyboard, mouse, printer, modem, and scanner out there. One of the most common problems that notebook users face is not having enough USB ports for their peripherals. […]

USB KVM Switch

A USB KVM switch can be useful for those who want to be able to connect and control multiple computers with just a single device. Although in the past a lot of these have been PS2, the more modern ones run on USB and therefore they are much faster and more efficient. You will find […]

USB 2.0 Cable

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) is the most common connector used to hook up a keyboard, mouse, or some other peripheral device to a personal computer. It is also used to recharge a variety of portable devices, such as digital cameras and MP3 players. Every desktop and laptop computer has at least one USB port […]

USB Digital Microscope

Computer technology has been incorporated into microscopes as a way to eliminate the need for an eyepiece to make observations. The USB digital microscope connects to your computer via a USB port and it opens up to many unique conveniences. You will no longer be using an eyepiece, but rather there will be a built-in […]

USB Extension Cable

If you are looking for an easy way to extend the reach of your USB devices and USB chargers then you will need a USB extension cable. By using one of these extension cables you will be able to position many of your devices such as USB Web Cam, USB scanner, USB printer, exactly where […]

USB Gamepad

Anyone who has played with a video game console will instantly recognize a gamepad when they see one. Practically every move you make in a game is done by pressing a combination of controls on a gamepad. There are plenty of other game controllers, like the joystick and steering wheel, but none comes close to […]

USB 2.0 CardBus Adapter

In the world of modern computing, there are thousands of different pieces of technology available inside a single computer. These take the form of many large boards, long wires and intricately connected circuitry, these, in turn help many complex processes to take place in order to control many peripheral devices. One such technical gadget is […]

SATA to USB Adapter

There are many situations where an internal hard drive fails and you may want to retrieve the files stored in it. While you may not always be so lucky that the hard drive keeps the files stored even after it is damaged, in some cases you might be able to recover everything. However, once the […]

Micro-USB Cables

USB (Universal Serial Bus) has been around for quite a while now. It made its first appearance slightly more than a decade ago and took the computer industry of the whole world by storm, revolutionizing methods of data transfer and peripheral connectivity. The term ‘plug and play’ fully achieved meaning only through the advent of […]

USB Turntable

There are many people who find the hobby of record collecting enjoyable and exciting. Since records were one of the first ways to listen to recorded music many people still have a large selection of records in their possession. Unfortunately listening to records may not be as easy as they are to collect. Finding a […]

SATA/IDE to USB Adapter

There are many pros and cons that come with the advancements of computer technology. Obviously we all appreciate the fact that our computers have become more efficient, faster, quieter, and are capable of storing so much information. The older computers were much louder, much bigger and they were only able to handle so much information […]

USB GPS Receiver

Any USB GPS receiver is essentially a GPS system has to connect to a computer to function. They are primarily made for people with laptops, and they are both powered by and connected to a computer when they are functioning. Most USB GPS receivers cannot work independently, as they are essentially just the antenna portion […]

USB to Serial Adapter

For many years, the serial port was an essential feature of every new computer and peripheral device. It was as common in the past as the USB port is today, but the serial port has been fading fast from the computing scene in recent years. While many people upgrade their computers every year, some continue […]

External USB Drive

There are few things more frustrating that running out of space on a hard drive while saving a large file. An external USB drive is the perfect solution to this common problem. No longer do computer users have to frantically search for old files to delete to make space for new ones. They simply plug […]

USB Serial Adapter

Before USB cables became the easiest and most popular way to attach a device to your computer, serial cables were the most popular way to this. These cables could be used for devices ranging from printers to disk drives, and the serial port was almost a standard component of any desktop. Not everybody used devices […]

USB Video Adapter

If you are someone who needs to use more than one monitor but do not want to have to install a second video card, using a USB video adapter could give you the adaptability and compatibility that you need to accomplish this without having to do any modifications. All you will have to do to […]

USB Midi Cable

A USB midi cable is something that you might need if you are planning on using your computers for musical purposes. In fact, MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface, which means that your computer can easily communicate with other electronic musical instruments like keyboards, drum machines, and synthesizers directly with your computer. This is […]

USB Switch

Do you want to connect two or more computers in your home or office and share your USB peripherals like your scanner, copier or cameras? If you do, then you need a USB switch. You will be able to save time and money by connecting them with a USB switch. Connecting them with a switch […]

USB FireWire Cable

There are many accessory cables on the market today but none causes as much confusion as the USB FireWire cable. The first assumption people make is that it allows data to be sent between FireWire and USB ports. While this type of cable would be very handy to have, it is not possible without some […]

Serial Adapter

Nothing is more annoying than being cramped up in a tight space in your home or workplace office and trying to hook up a printer or scanner to your computer. You want to have your devices placed placed somewhere that is convenient, safe and promotes optimum functionally, but you also don’t want to be up […]

USB Battery Charger

Stop and think for a minute. Try to picture how many devices in your home take AA or AAA batteries. Still thinking? That’s the problem – so many devices use batteries, from remote controls to cameras to small appliances to game controllers and music players. In fact, Americans purchase nearly 3 billion dry-cell batteries every […]

USB Modem

Of the multitude of ways to connect to the internet, especially for those seeking connectivity on the go, one of the newest is the USB modem. Typically, getting wireless internet connection requires having a LAN card and access to a Wi-Fi hotspot. But with a USB modem you can have direct access to the internet, […]

USB Connector

The USB cable is a standard accessory included with every computer or peripheral device sold today. Most computer users are familiar with the common rectangular USB connector, but there are others that have different shapes which are less well known. It is also easy to mistake a FireWire connector for a USB connector since both […]

Wireless USB Adapter

If you’re still grappling with multiple wires and tied to your modem when it comes Internet access, it’s time to get with the times! Wireless Universal Serial Bus (WUSB), which made big waves in recent years, employs the same type of technology as the traditional USB, but without the cable. No fuss, no muss! Okay, […]

USB Flash Drive

For people who hop from one computer to another with large amounts of data that are often sensitive, a USB flash drive can prove invaluable. By providing a safe storage method for your data through password protection and encryption, students, business people and more can easily travel with their special files. Features such as swivel […]