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Under Cabinet TV

An under cabinet TV can often be a great addition to any kitchen. They will typically be fitted into a kitchen cabinet, thus meaning that no important space will be lost. The kitchen can be considered one of the most active areas of any house, and therefore if you can make your time there more […]

Flip Down TV

Portable DVD players are great for watching movies away from home, but that is all they are good for without a TV tuner. Forget about watching your favorite dramas and sitcoms unless you happen to be carrying around the DVD boxsets. Then there are all the daily shows, like news and current affairs, which you […]

32 Inch Televisions

If you are on the lookout for a nice new television, but are running short of money, space or both, just relax. You do not need to get the biggest TV on the market for a great visual experience, nor do you need to get something so tiny that you will have to sit three […]

Wireless TV

Wireless TV is really catching on these days. In fact, in the not to distant future, traditional wired TV’s will be a thing of the past. This is all due to WiFi wireless technology. WiFi has made it possible for wireless TV to be streamed over the internet without using wires of any kind. A […]

Panasonic Plasma TV

It is no secret that LCD TVs have become very popular in recent years, due to falling prices and improvements in their picture quality. But there are still some very good reasons to consider buying a plasma TV. At the upper end of screen sizes, plasma is the only option for most buyers, because large […]

Portable TV

You’re camping, you’re in the car, maybe you’re at work. It’s the latest episode of your television series and you are without television access. Maybe you’re favorite sports team is in the playoffs and you’re stuck in an airport that’s not airing the game. With the technology of portable televisions, you are no longer at […]

Rear Projection TV

The number of LCD and plasma televisions in households seems to be on a steady rise, with their prices gradually dropping, and even middle-class families are braving the option to shell out big bucks and buying large televisions. However, the most stylish models of television sets are still hopelessly expensive for a vast majority of […]


In the past few years, a new type of LCD TV has appeared that has changed the landscape of the flat screen market. It is being called a LED TV but it only uses LEDs for backlighting. It is not the same as a display that uses them as the primary display element. This new […]

Haier TV

Do you want to buy a good television, without wanting to pay exorbitant amounts of money for it? Want something on par with televisions made by Sony or Panasonic but are not willing or prepared to shell out big bucks for it? Well, consider yourself lucky, because you can always get a Haier television. These […]

TV Monitor

There is a huge competition between the television manufacturers these days. This competition ultimately benefits the customers. The reason is that the companies come up with numerous varieties of television with different sizes and added features. The companies also play with the pricing factor, which is a kind of golden opportunity for the customers to […]


OLED TV is a new display technology that gives effective and clearer view of videos. OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diodes, the only difference between OLED and LED is the O for Organic, as OLED is made up of organic material that forms a thin film of layer, which emits light. OLED uses the […]

Panasonic Viera

Panasonic Viera – the most hyped television from the Panasonic stable has been the doing the rounds for some time now and it has been the subject of many rave reviews by industry experts. The Viera comes in two versions; plasma and LCD. With Viera, Panasonic has scaled the frontiers of television technology. The level […]

Samsung LED TV

Samsung has continued to manufacture televisions that never cease to impress. The extensive line up of Samsung LED TVs in particular offers consumers with many options and the ability to shop for a high quality product within their budget. Buying from a trusted name such as Samsung, which has such a positive history, is a […]

Flat Screen TV

TVs have come a long way since they were first invented. When you think back on the original TVs and compare them to what is available now it is almost unbelievable. From big boxes that had poor black and white reception to amazing flat screen TVs, technology’s advancements have made the TV viewing experience much […]

Sony Bravia

Few brands attract as much praise as the Sony Bravia range of flat screen televisions. Since it first appeared in 2005, it has been regarded by consumers and reviewers alike as the brand by which others are measured. With a long list of picture enhancement features, and with a strong focus on energy efficiency, it […]

Wireless Cable TV

Sharing a cable connection with TV sets in other rooms is a problem for many households. A wireless cable TV system is a simple and inexpensive solution to that problem. It consists of one unit that sends out the TV signal which is picked up by units in other rooms. It can even sends back […]


Like most flat screen manufacturers, Sony has focused more on the profitable LCD TV market in recent years as sales of plasma displays continue to fall. BRAVIA was launched in 2005 to replace the WEGA brand name that Sony had used up until that point. The current range is split up into nine series, with […]

HDTV Receiver

Simply put, a HDTV receiver (or as it is sometimes called an Advanced Television Systems Committee Tuner) is a device that allows the reception of digital signals sent over the air in the North America, South Korea, and Taiwan. Never seen one? That’s because HDTV receivers are often integrated into other equipment in the personal […]


With the ever-increasing technology where televisions are concerned, more and more people have found the need to move from their traditional television sets to a newer LCD HDTV so that they can take advantage of the advanced quality. However, if you do not know a lot about the LCD HDTV sets that are on the […]