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VGA to TV Converter

A video graphics array (VGA) was originally a graphic display system that was developed by IBM for PCs. It actually refers to the display hardware that was introduced with IBM’s first line of computers back in 1987. VGA, although now obsolete, most often refers to computer graphics. However rather than viewing the graphics on your […]

Digital to Analog TV Converter Box

The digital television revolution has been moving forward for the last decade and is now almost complete. The few remaining places that have not made the switch will soon be turning off their analog broadcasts. Anyone who does not have a digital television or a converted analog television will soon have nothing to watch but […]

PC to TV Converter

A computer graphics and a television broadcast are very different in their input and output. The computer graphics is regarded as VGA and with suitable conversion it is possible to broadcast VGA in a television, though the picture quality will be reduced to some extent. This conversion requires an external hardware, or sometimes it is […]

HDTV Converter

The days of turning on your TV and adjusting the antenna are soon to become a thing of the past. As technology keeps advancing, it is sometimes hard to keep up. As of February 2009 the majority of all broadcasting stations have switched from analog to digital broadcasting. In doing so, millions of homes that […]

Digital TV Converter

Technology is developing and upgrading in leaps and bounds, and the televisions are reflecting that evolution. Television has come a long way from the boxy, black and white, staticy device it used to be. Color TV came into being, then plasma, then web TV. Television revolutionized the way information spreads, and spawned a whole different […]

HDTV Converter Box

High definition television (HDTV) can transform any living room into a home theater. A HDTV converter box is an essential piece of equipment for viewing television broadcasts in high definition. However, there is a lot of confusion about what qualifies as high definition. Consumers are often misled by confusing marketing terms into purchasing products that […]