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Touch Screen MP3 Players

There are many different features available with MP3 players today. The touch screen option is one that is quickly becoming very popular. It is more common with MP4 players but there is no major name difference as everyone associates MP3 players with MP4 players. The touch screen feature has received a lot of attention after […]

Touch Screen Car Radio

From high-end vehicles such as BMW’s ‘5 Series’ and the Mercedes Benz ‘S Class’ to inexpensive entry-level cars, touch screen car radios are quickly becoming the hottest, most powerful addition for any vehicle’s dashboard. Built to incorporate the same set of features seen in normal car radios alongside the usability of a touch screen, they’ve […]

Touchscreen Netbook

There is no better computer than a netbook for mobile computing. If you are regularly travelling with a notebook or laptop you should understand how difficult it is. Even with a laptop backpack or carrying case, it just is not very compact or portable. Laptops in particular are mostly designed to be portable within a […]

Touch Screen Phones

You skate your fingertips over a screen and immediately the device executes a command – this kind of technology is the stuff of science fiction. Yet it is real, and very much within your grasp. The touch screen was invented by a man named Sam Hurst, a professor in the University of Kentucky, to speed […]

Touch Screen Digital Cameras

Nowadays, it is almost granted that any touch screen gadget turns out popular and rule over the market hype. Touch screens gives off a sleek, streamlined outlook to widgets and a current favorite has arrived: the touch screen digital cameras. Aside from the feeling of looking classy with such a device at hand, touch screen […]

HP TouchSmart

Whoever thought that one day we would all be able to simply touch a computer screen to navigate through programs rather than using a mouse or keyboard? With the introduction of the innovative technology introduced by HP TouchSmart, that day is now here. When you hear people talking about HP TouchSmart they are talking about […]

Touch Screen Computer

Touch screen is one revolutionary concept in the information processing world where instructions can be transmitted or obtained not by the click of a button, but just by the power of a touch. The credit for the first touch sensor goes to Doctor Sam Herst, who was an instructor at the University of Kentucky. His […]

Touch Screen Laptop

The touch screen laptop has been creating a great deal of excitement in the computer industry lately. It has a touch sensitive screen that can be used in place of a keyboard and touchpad. Some manufacturers have gone as far as using touch screens and nothing else. The touch screen laptop is often called a […]

Touch Screen MP4 Player

MP4 players are extremely popular these days, but to most non-technical types, the lingo is confusing. These little devices are becoming one of the most amazing sources ever known to man. A touch screen MP4 player uses the latest state of the art technology to allow you to have the most epic in portable entertainment […]

LCD Touch Screen Monitor

We’ve all seen a LCD touch screen monitor at least once in our life, our works use them, grocery stores even have the ability to now read your card and allow it to be done throughout a touch screen transaction. Then all you have to do is use a pen to sign your signature and […]

Touch Screen Remote Control

Ever wondered how to match that fancy home theatre with a cosier remote control? Surely the static variants which come with the extremely fancy equipment are quite drab in nature, and the prospect of a replacement with a LCD touch screen remote control sound extremely lucrative. The touch screen remote controls not only look good, […]

Touch Screen Monitor

A touch screen monitor is one that has the ability to detect where its screen is being touched. It looks like a regular monitor but is more expensive on average. While they will probably never replace the keyboard and mouse on a desktop computer, they still have many practical uses. They are used in retail […]