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Wireless Subwoofers

Those who really want to have an excellent set up in their car or home entertainment system will need to think about getting a wireless subwoofer because of all that it can offer. Nobody likes having to fool around with a bunch of cords and wires, but with one of these subwoofers there will be […]

10 Inch Subwoofers

Every sound system needs at least one subwoofer to produce good bass sounds, but choosing the right one can be a tough decision. Just getting the size right is a challenge because there are many conflicting factors. It will not have enough coverage if the diameter is too small, but it will be excessively loud […]

Powered Subwoofer

You have your smashing home theater system, thinking that now you can enjoy the ambience of the theater without having to sit up straight on a straight backed chair. However something does not feel right about the sound – the theaters seem to be able to emanate such low and rending tones that fizzle right […]

Home Theater Subwoofer

A subwoofer is a kind of loudspeaker that recreates the bass frequency thereby enhancing the sound experience. The application area for subwoofers is car audio system, movie theatres and home theaters. It uses high power amplifier. To enjoy the latest technology sound system, you need equipment that provides full effect of sound. Sound effects produced […]

Subwoofer Speakers

If you are amongst those who really enjoy the music and do not like to compromise on the quality, subwoofer speakers are a must for you then. The job of a subwoofer, or subs as many call them, is to reproduce bass audio frequency. Depending on the type and cost of the subwoofer you go […]