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Mini Cube Speakers

A mini cube speaker is a small device that allows you to listen to music from your MP3 player without using your headphones. They are full range speakers that give you the opportunity to hear your music without having to have your headphones handy. The speakers themselves will fit in the palm of your hand […]

Acoustic Suspension Speakers

Speaker systems for the home are designed to give the highest quality sound possible. If you enjoy watching movies or listening to music and you want to have the most realistic sound quality, there is a speaker sound system that can meet your needs. You do not have to pay an arm and a leg […]

JBL Speakers

When you buy JBL speakers you will be getting a level of quality which you just won’t get with any other brand name. Since there are so many different options for you to choose from, it is highly recommended that you take the time to look at what all of your options are so that […]

In-Wall Speakers

An in-wall speaker system is a great way to add a surround sound feel to a room without it taking up any space. These units can even be used in other environments which allows for outdoor speakers without any worries related to the weather. In-wall speakers are often installed in the ceiling but they are […]

Bookshelf Speakers

The bookshelf speaker basically came into being in the late 1950s. A bookshelf speaker is a small room speaker that is small enough to sit on a bookshelf. Before their invention the only kind of speakers that were available for in home use were large speakers that sat on the floor. You needed a lot […]

Powered Speakers

Powered speakers are in high demand these days. The produce great sounds and are really very inexpensive. In 1964 the SE401 Stereo Energizer was introduced which led to the development of powered speakers. This technology allowed one un-powered speaker to power a second speaker. In 1971 the Altec 9846B powered speaker was introduced. This was […]

Boat Speakers

Going on a boat ride can be very enjoyable but the mystique of it will wear out after a while. However, if you want to keep your boat as enjoyable as possible it would be a good idea to install various features. You obviously want to have a fridge or cooler on board, and there […]

Wireless Speaker System

A surround sound system is not the easiest thing to install but the amazing audio effects it creates is certainly worth the effort. No other system can reproduce that unique feeling of being at the center of the action shown on the screen. It is like having your very own movie theater at home. The […]

Speaker Selectors

There are some music enthusiasts out there that love listening to music so much that just setting up a great sound or entertainment system in the living room doesn’t suffice and they want to be able to hear their music from speakers all across the rooms in their home. For the layman this would mean […]

Super Tweeter

Ever get the feeling that your sound system could be just a little better? Does the quality of the sound seem to be lacking something that you can’t quite put your finger on? The problem could simply be that it needs a boost in the higher frequency range. Regular tweeters produce sound right up to […]

Wireless Outdoor Speakers

Music is one of the key components of any successful party. Usually, people almost never listen to music if they are with someone or they are busy enjoying themselves doing something. However, in a party or any form of get-together, music is a must. When choosing the correct sound system for your function, the host […]

Portable Speakers

Portable speakers are an essential accessory for anyone who dislikes using headphones, or who needs to share their music with others. There are very few mobile phones and portable music players that have an internal speaker, and those that do typically have poor quality sound. Portable speakers are compact, lightweight, and available in many stylish […]

Infinity Speakers

Improving sound quality in your vehicle goes much further then just changing the factory car stereo your vehicle has. You will also want to change your speakers as factory speakers cannot meet the quality of aftermarket speakers. When buying car speakers you will want to buy from one of the best brands on the market. […]

Polk Speakers

Imagine getting dressed, fighting traffic and then paying twelve dollars for a movie ticket and another twenty for popcorn and sodas. Imagine entering the theater and, at the last minute, having a mother and her infant sit directly behind you. Then imagine sitting through a bunch of boring commercials and previews. Ah, here it finally […]

Bose Speakers

From home theater speaker systems to stereo and computer speakers, the Bose brand of speakers has a variety of offerings for all types of consumers. The best home theater speaker system is the Acoustimass 16, which includes a rear center channel that deepens the sound. Five cube speakers and a horizontal center channel bolster the […]

Surround Sound Speakers

Affordable high definition televisions and surround sound speakers have made home theaters very popular these days. They allow everyone to experience cinema quality sound right in their living rooms. Setting up a home theater is easier than it sounds and there are even packages that can be bought off the shelf. These packages contain all […]

Floor Standing Speakers

The task of buying new speakers can leave many people feeling confused and out of their depth, especially when it comes to floor standing speakers. There are so many different designs and features that you would have to be an audio expert not to make a poor choice. There are plenty of inexpensive speakers available, […]

Home Speaker System

Audio hardware has come a long way since the days of record turntables. The typical home speaker system is now a complex arrangement of many components. Its main purpose these days is to create a surround sound experience comparable with that found in movie theaters. Getting the best possible sound out of a system depends […]

Home Audio Speakers

Putting your home audio speakers in the right position is one of the most crucial parts of setting up your home entertainment system. It’s a great experience when the speakers are placed just right and the sound can be literally felt and not just heard. The sound that we hear from our home audio speakers […]

Subwoofer Speakers

If you are amongst those who really enjoy the music and do not like to compromise on the quality, subwoofer speakers are a must for you then. The job of a subwoofer, or subs as many call them, is to reproduce bass audio frequency. Depending on the type and cost of the subwoofer you go […]

Computer Speakers

Almost without fail, the speakers that come with your computer will not be of good quality. There are all kinds of qualities to consider when shopping for a speaker set for your computer, and these include budget, amount of sound, sound quality, physical space for the speakers, and more. Make sure you do your research […]

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

It doesn’t take long to realize that just about everyone you know either has wireless Bluetooth headphones or they plan on getting them. Gone are the days when our electronics were wired to a device that was plugged into a wall. A lot of young people today have no clue what it was like to […]

Car Speakers

If you have a passion for listening to music and love going on long drives, then you know that the sheer pleasure of being out on the open road is much more enhanced by your car audio system. You also know that car speakers form an inseparable component of car of your audio system. They […]

Wireless Audio Speakers

Popularity for home theater systems has not even begun to slow down. Nothing is more frustrating than getting your new system home and being ready to start setting it up, only to be dismayed by the huge array of wires and cables that come with it. One way to cut down the clutter is to […]

Bluetooth Speaker

The word Bluetooth has Scandanavian roots, harkening back to the Anglicized name of the Harald Blaatland, a tenth century king of what is now Norway and Denmark. Blaatland succeeded in organizing the disparate Scandinavian tribes into one kingdom, and his namesake, the Bluetooth device, was designed to mimic him by synchronizing various communication protocols into […]