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Gas Furnace

If you have a gas furnace in your home you have one that uses gas as the fuel to produce heat. A gas furnace also uses a heat exchanger and will have a pilot light that is attached to the fuel source. The gas is usually delivered to the pilot light via a gas pipe. […]

Electric Blanket

An electric blanket is simply a necessity for a lot of people for many reasons. One of the best reasons to get one is that you enjoy keeping your bedroom cool in the winter but don’t want to get so cold that you’re woken up in the middle of the night. Keeping the bedroom cooler, […]

Energy Efficient Space Heater

The winter season definitely takes a toll on us in many ways. Besides the physical issues that the extreme cold and stormy weather can have on you, the winter month can also be expensive to live comfortably in. The cost of heating your home in particular could skyrocket in these few months so taking advantage […]

Micathermic Heaters

There is no doubt that micathermic heaters are a great overall choice for a number of reasons, including the fact that they are efficient and able to warm even large areas with a reasonably short period of time. While it may be true that there are a lot of choices out there with regards to […]

Tent Heater

Whether you go by yourself or with a group of friends and family, camping can be a lot of fun. It allows you to get away from the stress of your day to day life and enjoy some refreshing time in the middle of nature. While camping is very common during the spring and summer […]

Battery Operated Space Heater

Using a portable car battery operated space heater is an economical way to warm if you are on an outdoors camping trip or need to heat a van, tent or camper. A 12volt battery operated space heater is generally found in variable price ranges. The first thing to consider when buying a battery operated space […]

EdenPURE Heaters

EdenPURE heaters are designed with the specific purpose of helping consumers to save energy and keeping them safe. They offer a higher air quality than most other heaters on the market today and allow you to save substantially on your energy bill each year. Many homes have been lost to fires that were caused by […]

High Efficiency Furnace

A high efficiency furnace is characterized as a heat generator that is effective at turning most of the fuel source into energy. The energy that is produced will then turn into heat within the furnace. The high efficiency factor is very appealing as it limits the amount of fuel wasted to as little as possible. […]

Electric Convection Heater

An electric convection heater uses electricity to create heat, and then allows the natural moving capability of hot air to heat a room. The electric convection heater heats up in specific, vented areas, and when the air around it also gets hot, it rises and cold air takes its place. That cold air is then […]

Electric Baseboard Heater

In many countries where the winter is not very cold, houses are available with built in heaters. These heaters are quite effective at keeping the house and their inhabitants warm through the winter nights. However, most of the time these bulky heaters are more powerful than the cold demands and it is seen that they […]

Micathermic Panel Heater

The Micathermic panel heater incorporates two sources of heat (80% convection, 20% reflective) to provide a fast and efficient heating for a specific room or area. The Micathermic panel heater is energy efficient as it requires less electricity in comparison to other heating sources. The device is lightweight, compact, fast at heating a fair-sized room, […]

Low Wattage Heater

As the world keeps developing, its resources continue to deplete day by day to meet the demands of the ever-growing population. Resources are slowly nearing the point of exhaustion which carries with it rising costs. Over the years, prices of an individual’s basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter have increased rapidly. In colder […]

Electric Wall Heater

If you want to make your room warm without using a heater that might eat up some space on your floor, the best option will be an electric wall heater. This type of heater offers wall mounting and are economic in providing efficient room heating. If we see the conventional technique, then wall heaters normally […]

Ceramic Heater

A ceramic heater is a great thing to have in your home. Drinking a cup of coffee or tea has never been so convenient with a ceramic heater to boil your water in. Nothing beats the taste of water from ceramics when it comes to coffee and tea. Your hot beverage will taste great with […]

Oil Heater

As winter fast approaches, the need for a good heater grows stronger. There are numerous ways one can heat their home. These approaches include fireplaces, gas furnaces and space heaters. Within the space heater category, there are several types including oil heaters. Oil heaters operate similar to traditional water heaters. They have a coil of […]

Kerosene Heater

A kerosene heater is a very old type of heater that is still in much use. Even in homes that have modern electric space heaters, kerosene heaters are used as a supplementary source of heating that comes in use in case there is a power outage. Kerosene heaters operate with kerosene, which is a hydrocarbon […]

Fan Heater

Of all the various heaters on the market, the fan heater is the most versatile. It is compact, lightweight and extremely portable. It can be easily moved around the home or office as required, and it can even be packed away in a suitcase for traveling. With adjustable speed and temperature controls, the fan heater […]

Infrared Heater

The infrared heater generates heat with an electric element or gas burner and directs the heat outwards using a reflector. It is also known by other names, such as radiant heater and quartz heater. They are generally larger than a fan heater but also quieter because it uses a reflector instead of a fan. They […]

Gas Heater

Gas heater is an appliance that is used for space heating in most homes in the cold regions of the world. These heaters work by heating the closed space in which they are present, such as a room, though there are also gas heaters designed for outdoor heating which use a different technology. The gas […]

Radiant Heater

A lot of people, who have areas that they want to heat but they may not be connected to a central heating system, have turned to radiant heaters over the years to make sure that the space is appropriately heated. One of the reasons that so many radiant heaters are employed for heating spaces is […]

Space Heater

A space heater is a device that is used to heat a particular confined space, such as a room. It is different from a central heating system where a single system can be used to heat up several rooms within a particular area. Space heaters are available in various types, which enable people to choose […]

Electric Heater

Heaters come in two varieties: they are either gas or electric. If you need a new heater and you look into buying an electric heater you will find that there are a lot of different options for you to choose from. Electric heaters are generally considered the most economical because of the rising cost of […]

Bathroom Heater

There’s nothing worse than stepping out of the shower and into a cold bathroom. Yes, you could turn up your thermostat, but that heats up the entire house and raises your gas or electric bill. However, there is a solution: purchase a small bathroom heater. This way, you can step out of the shower without […]

Patio Heater

Imagine sitting outside on your patio enjoying a nice evening. Perhaps you’ve just finished cooking on the grill, or maybe you just want to sit outside under the stars and enjoy a nice glass of wine. Maybe you have friends over and want to chat while getting some fresh air. While these thoughts are certainly […]