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PCMCIA Sound Card

An increasing number of people are using their notebook computers to watch movies, play video games, and listen to music. Unfortunately, the sound quality of the speakers on most notebooks leaves a lot to be desired, and the basic audio processor lacks many of the features of the advanced sound cards. The only way to […]

USB Audio Interfaces

A USB audio interface is a powerful external sound card that’s almost always used for high quality music recordings. More commercial users of PCs won’t need all the features and high quality sound ability of such a professional external sound card, even hardcore gamers. Gamers are more into video quality. A USB audio interface is […]

USB Sound Card

A USB sound card, which is often referred to as an audio card, can best be described as a computer expansion card. This will help to facilitate the input and output of sound/audio signals from your computer. There are many uses of USB soundcards however they are typically used for multimedia applications. Should you wish […]

5.1 Sound Card

A 5.1 sound card is a component that will process audio files and allow you to hear them through your computer speakers. Many computer models today come standard with this component. Sound cards play voices, music files and can playback a variety of file formats such as Mp3, .wav, .cda and many others. A standard […]

Sound Card with RCA Input

An RCA connector can be defined as a type of electrical connector that specializes in the transfer of audio and video signals. Some more common terms by which it is known are phono connector and cinch connector. The term RCA connector first came into usage because it was introduced by the Radio Corporation of America […]

External Sound Card

An external sound card is used to add audio support to a computer or to bypass the inferior audio hardware it already has. Using an external card avoids the problem of opening the case and installing an internal card. This can save a lot of money if the card has to be installed by a […]

Voice Interface Card

A voice interface card can range all the way from a few hundred dollars all the way up to many thousands of dollars. The voice technology strides that have been made recently are outstanding. A person using this technology in one country can talk via the internet to a person in another country without the […]

Sound Card

If you are big into computers, you probably already know about the sound card and how it interacts with your machine. However, if you are not well versed in computer technology, you may find yourself confused when people talk about buying a sound card to upgrade their system. The first thing that you should know […]