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Sony Infrared Camera

It is one of the scariest feelings imaginable. You are home alone or perhaps with just the children and you hear a noise outside. At first you think it’s just the wind, but the noise persists and you get a sinking feeling in your stomach that something more is wrong. Very wrong. The sound is […]

Sony Cyber-shot

Those who are seeking a good deal on a quality digital camera will certainly want to take the time to consider the Sony Cyber-shot series. These cameras are some of the best devices for taking pictures and filming video, meaning that you will need to take the time to look at some of the different […]

Sony Memory Stick

Sony has come out with a new memory stick and now you can have more digital storage space than ever before. A Sony memory stick is a small portable device that you can plug into your computer and save your video and audio files as well as your written text documents if you want to. […]

Sony VAIO Laptop

The VAIO series was introduced by the Sony brand with the acronym referring to “Video Audio Integrated Operation.” However, two years ago the acronym was changed to: Visual Audio Intelligence Organizer. Now, the Sony VAIO series has been established for a dozen years and lives by its’ name as it provides high quality video and […]

Sony Reader

The eBook format has experienced a revival of sorts lately. It had a short burst of popularity when it was first introduced, then quickly became unpopular due to the lack of dedicated readers at the time. The format is now popular again, thanks to several affordable eBook readers that have been launched recently. The Sony […]

Sony VAIO Notebook

VAIO, which originally stands for Video Audio Integrated Operation, is Sony’s trade name for its desktops and laptop computers. However, in 2008, the acronym was amended to stand for Visual Audio Intelligence Organizer on the occasion of the brnad’s 10th anniversary. Sony VAIO notebooks have been popular with users for a long time now. The […]

Sony Blu-Ray Player

In today’s technology age, consumers are more, and more, demanding when it comes to the quality of media they enjoy. Correspondingly, audio/visual recording equipment is constantly improving. Sound quality has reached new heights of realism and visual advancements have turned our movies into immersive, realistic experiences. With such luxuries available, people gravitate towards large, flat-screen […]

Sony Surround Sound System

If you are in the market for a new home theater surround sound system, check out the newest Sony surround sound system or one of the older ones that are on the market today. If you want to do without all of the wires that most home theaters use, look into getting a wireless Sony […]

Sony Camcorder

There was a time in human history, not that long ago, when the only way that one could know about various events in the past was either to have gone through them and remember them or to hear the tales from others. Modern technology however allows us nowadays to very accurately record such important or […]

Sony Bravia

Few brands attract as much praise as the Sony Bravia range of flat screen televisions. Since it first appeared in 2005, it has been regarded by consumers and reviewers alike as the brand by which others are measured. With a long list of picture enhancement features, and with a strong focus on energy efficiency, it […]


Like most flat screen manufacturers, Sony has focused more on the profitable LCD TV market in recent years as sales of plasma displays continue to fall. BRAVIA was launched in 2005 to replace the WEGA brand name that Sony had used up until that point. The current range is split up into nine series, with […]

Sony Home Theater

To anyone who’s been buying consumer electronics for even a short period of time, Sony is not an unfamiliar name. Sony has been known to produce great electronic and digital products and some of its brands are thought to be among the best in their categories. All of us have stopped to admire the Sony […]


Before we discuss Sony HDTV, we should probably talk about what HDTV is and why we even want it in the first place. HDTV stands for high definition television. With the same aspect as a movie theater screen (16:9) and three resolution levels to choose from, a picture is created that is more vivid, more […]

Sony Ericsson Cell Phone

It can be difficult to keep up with the latest model of cell phone. It seems as though as soon as you buy a new one, there is another model out on the market that puts your brand new phone to shame. To make sure that you are happy with your cell phone for a […]

Sony Digital Camcorder

With competition among the big players in camera production, now is a good time to purchase a digital camcorder. Not only can you find a compact Sony digital camcorder that shoots video with a 720p resolution, you can get your photos and videos from the same device. When shopping around for a digital camcorder, there […]

Sony Digital Camera

Educate yourself on all available features before you set out to buy a Sony digital camera. Pixels will influence the quality of the image, optical zoom will influence how close the objects appear in the image and memory, the number of pictures you can hold in your camera at one time. Knowing the purpose of […]