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Sidekick Phones

Sidekick phones are widely regarded as the original smartphones. In a time when most cell phones had tiny screens and keypads, the swivel screen and Qwerty keyboard of the Sidekick phones were very impressive. Owners fell in love with them because they were something unique in a world of phone clones. Even today, the Sidekick […]

Unlocked Smartphone

Most smartphones in the US today come bounded by plans from carriers such as T mobile, AT&T, Verizon Wireless or Sprint – essentially barring them to use their phones in any other networks. The nature of the contract with such carriers is cumbersome for users who tend to travel more often. Also latest smartphones are […]

Zune Phone

Since the Apple iPhone was launched in 2007, media commentators and Zune fans have been waiting for Microsoft to release a phone based on their Zune media platform. Interest in the Zune phone concept has been growing in recent years, and many articles have been written about its rumored features. However, at the Mobile World […]

Android Phone

An Android phone is a mobile phone that uses Google’s Android operating system. The Android OS is made for high-end phones with the purpose of helping consumers use their phones more like a computer. Android phones are able to run complex third-party applications, which can range from YouTube videos to internet games. These programs don’t […]

HTC Touch

The original HTC Touch is a pocket pc phone that uses Windows Mobile 6 WiFi technology along with innovative touch screen technology. It is small and easily fits in the hand. The HTC Touch also has a 2 mega pixel camera. This smart phone is easy to use and has a straight forward design. The […]

HTC Hero Phone

HTC Hero is more than just a phone. It can only be described as an experience. It is a liquid feel that builds a close bond with the innermost desire of your heart that can only be described as love. It takes personalization to a whole new level where you can make your phone your […]

Nexus One Phone

Google and Apple are two dominant names in the tech industry but they have rarely crossed paths. Apple has been very successful with various products such as portable media players, laptops, and more. One of the most successful Apple products is without a doubt the iPhone. There has been almost no serious competition for this […]

T-Mobile Sidekick LX

There has been a wave of new entrants in the smartphone market recently, each one trying to outshine the other with cutting-edge design and new features. The T-Mobile Sidekick LX is one smartphone that stands out from the rest, with a generously sized screen and keyboard. Its hardware features include a powerful processor, high capacity […]

Palm Treo Pro

Palm has always focused on the communication needs of business people. This is reflected in their Treo series of mobile smartphones, which have been widely praised for their email and messaging functions. The Palm Treo Pro may have a stylish design that resembles an Apple iPhone, but it competes with the RIM Blackberry and other […]

Blackberry Smartphone

The Blackberry smart phone combines the use of a cell phone with that of a PDA. It can be used as an organizer, for e-mails, for phone calls and more. There are many things to consider when looking for a Blackberry. When shopping for a Blackberry, ask yourself: does it offer WiFi? do I need […]

Google Phone

Google phone is a term used to describe any mobile smartphone that uses Google’s Android operating system. They are also called GPhones for short, because of their similarity to Apple’s popular iPhone. These phones have many similar features including touch screen interactivity, web browsing, and the ability to download music and applications. The iPhone is […]

HTC Phone

So you think you’ve never heard of an HTC phone? But how could that be? HTC (formerly known as High Tech Computer Corporation), a Taiwanese corporation, grossed over $2.2 billion in 2005 alone. BusinessWeek named it the fastest growing tech company in their vaunted BusinessWeek Info Tech 100. And Microsoft chose HCT as their hardware […]


The dream is here: mobile phone users can now e-mail, jam to music, navigate a highway and conduct business all with the use of a mobile phone, without the assistance of a personal computer. The smartphone is an advanced phone that acts much like a personal computer. There is more than one definition for what […]

Palm PDA

Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) is such a ubiquitous term these days that it is difficult to imagine that the technology rolled out as recently as 1996. The very first PDA was manufactured by a division of U.S. Robotics called Palm Computing. Running the Palm Operation System (OS), this first edition, called the Palm Pilot, introduced […]

Nokia Mobile Phone

Fans of Nokia mobile phones love them for their sleek design, intelligent features, and long lasting durability. Search any forum or chat room dedicated to mobile technology, and you will find Nokia mobile phone lovers willing to confess to hanging on to their Nokia 6310’s – a model introduced at the turn of the last […]