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Wireless Rain Gauge

A wireless rain gauge is a type of an electronic device that is used in the measurement and recording of rainfall on a daily basis. The rainfall that is taken into a rain collector is measured by the gauge and the results are transferred to a display panel wirelessly. Therefore, a wireless rain gauge always […]

Humidity Logger

Humidity loggers are a type of data logging devices. As their name suggests, they measure the level of humidity in the atmosphere. They also measure changes in levels of humidity. As a result, they are absolutely essential for people who are living in areas which are prone to natural disasters. These watches come useful not […]

Temperature Sensor

With the cost of electricity on the rise many people are trying to maintain a temperature in their home to keep their energy bills down. The problem with this is that a thermostat is usually in on area of the home and it may be difficult to determine what the actual room temperature is of […]

Thermal Leak Detector

It’s hard to miss the dire news lately. Carbon emissions from the world’s industrialized countries are leading to global warming. Global warming is causing wacky and insane weather that causes crops to fail, the polar ice caps to melt, and species to face extinction. The news seems grim. But luckily, there are many ways to […]

Wireless Motion Sensor

Imagine you are home alone at night. You live in the country or a neighborhood without streetlights, so the darkness outside is almost absolute. Suddenly, though it is a calm night, you hear a noise outside. It could be the wind, but the weather forecast did not predict bad weather. You listen further and the […]

Humidity Sensor

If you care enough about your health, it is only natural that you monitor the level of humidity inside your home. Too much or too little of it can create a host of problems and there are some people who are not aware about this fact. For everyone’s information, when the level of humidity is […]