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High Resolution Scanner

A scanner has become a part of modern day computing and most homes and office IT ranges will include one of these wonderful devices. It is intended to optically scan a number of objects such as handwriting, printed text, photos and will then convert them into a digital image. The most common type will be […]

Book Scanner

A book scanner converts physical books into digital images so that they are taken into the digital age. The reason books are scanned is so that they can be reproduced and read on digital screens and computer monitors. With the advent of the internet and digital book readers there was a tremendous need for book […]

Receipt Scanner

A receipt scanner is a handy electronic device that is used mostly by salespeople who travel frequently. They are very portable devices and allow you to instantly scan receipts such as those for food and accommodations when you travel. You simply put your receipt into the device and it will read the content for you […]

Sheet Feed Scanner

Scanners are electronic devices, generally used with a PC, which can read an image from a paper or a book and transforms it into a format that can be stored, sent, edited or printed from the host PC. Scanners work by the principle of light reflection – the scanner illuminates an image and measures the […]

High Speed Scanner

One of the trademarks of good technology is allowing people to avoid tedious and repetitive tasks, so they can put their energy to better use. Effectively, the latest advancements in document scanning technologies will make your life quite a bit easier… especially if you routinely have to scan a high volume of documents, and assuming […]

Large Format Flatbed Scanner

Out of all the different types of large format scanners, flatbed scanners are the ones that are most widely used. That is because they can be used for a number of purposes. They can also be used in a number of different ways. And this is why these scanners are one of the most versatile […]

Negative Scanner

Negative scanners are a blessing for traditional cameramen who prefer manual SLR photography over digital photography. Although digital cameras have arrived along with a bombastic baggage of benefits over manual cameras, many photographers tend to succumb to the conventional ways of rolling back the lever, clicking away through the viewfinder and spending hours in the […]

PDF Scanner

Virtually anything can be scanned and put into a PDF document. This is a very convenient way of storing important documents, such as worksheets, timetables, and forms. You can even scan pictures and artwork and save them to a PDF file. This is a fairly easy process, but of course, you are going to need […]

Document Scanner

It’s hard to imagine what people did before the advent of document scanners. These handy electronic devices allow anybody with a hard copy of a document to place it on a flat bed or insert it into a document feeder, hit a button, and then viola, they have a digital copy of their document. One […]

Portable Scanner

Mobile scanners are a great way for you to file your paperwork at the home or office. Most of these devices have software that allows you to identify and save important data from papers such as business cards, documents and receipts. These scanners can then organize the information for you. You can actually search for […]

Flatbed Scanner

Before scanners between inexpensive and popular in modern homes and offices, any document that was not digital could only be duplicated by a time consuming process such as photocopying. If a document was not digital, it simply could not be sent through email, making some documents much more difficult to manage and manipulate. Signed documents […]

Photo Scanner

Today, there are many printers that come with a scanner function included in their list of functions. A photo scanner can be a handy feature to have on your printer and it is a great way to get your old photos onto your computer for safe keeping. Most of the time you can simply buy […]

Business Card Scanner

A business card scanner or a business card reader is a handy little device that is meant to make the life of a working professional easier. Although we might have embraced technology in our work space, and emails and video conferences have taken the place of telex and fly-by meetings, we are still quite attached […]

Handheld Scanner

Flatbed scanners are popular for copying entire pages but they are too large to be portable and they need to be connected to a computer. A handheld scanner can be used without a computer and it fits into a pocket or small bag. It is also known as a pen scanner because it is used […]

Barcode Scanner

Barcodes are an integral part of all buying and selling – especially if you’re a manufacturer. Although it isn’t compulsory to print barcodes on your products, almost all manufacturers opt for barcodes to keep track of their products and make registering and indexing easier. In developed countries, where market transactions are highly organized and most […]