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Satellite Phone

Cell phones are great for making calls in towns and surrounding areas, but they are useless once they are taken beyond the range of the towers. They cannot be used in remote areas such as deserts or oceans, which is a serious problem for the people who live or work in these places. The satellite […]

Satellite Signal Meter

Satellite television is great because it increases the number of channels you can watch, by allowing access to channels that are not available on cable or free television. But to get all these channels, the television needs a special receiver and a satellite dish. Installing a satellite dish is easier than it sounds and does […]

FTA Satellite Dish

If you take a moment to think about it, satellite television has changed the face of our generation. There are too many advantages that we are able to reap out of such a facility. Satellite TV not only provides a superior picture quality to the viewer, but you even get free installation, free TV services, […]

Digital Satellite Receiver

Once upon a time, the ability to enjoy multiple channels via satellite or cable in a household was considered a luxury. Satellite dishes were behemoths devices and cable companies were just beginning to bring their service to many areas. If you, the Average Joe or Jane, wanted to see a clear picture with vivid colors […]

Portable Satellite Dish

Television and radio broadcasts provided by satellite are very popular with many people around the world. For those in remote locations, these broadcasts are often their only source of information and entertainment. A portable satellite dish is a great way to receive broadcasts while traveling. They are compact and lightweight but also expensive, costing hundreds […]

HD DVR Satellite Receiver

Satellite broadcasts are very popular in many parts of the world. With the help of a small satellite dish and a receiver, a large number of new channels suddenly become available. The HD DVR satellite receiver combines a high definition (HD) satellite receiver with a digital video recorder (DVR). This device saves having two separate […]

Satellite Dish Antenna

Satellite cable first hit the market in the early 1990’s and it was difficult for everybody to afford the satellite dishes, and they were large and unweildy. Only the most die-hard of television fans and the ones who could afford it would have a satellite dish. Nowadays they are more common. Mounting hardware, subscriptions and […]

FTA Receiver

Many people are getting frustrated with paying cable or satellite bills every month just so they can watch their favorite programs on their television. If you are considering getting an FTA receiver so that you can take advantage of free satellite feeds in your home, you won’t be surprised about how popular they are getting […]

HD Satellite Receiver

HD satellite receivers allow consumers to pick up channels in high definition, a television format that has better picture and sound quality than analog. In fact, after Summer 2009, analog will no longer be an option for consumers. If an HD tuner is not already built into your television, you will need to purchase an […]

Satellite Radio

One of the most interesting technological advancements in the recent era has been the implementation and usage of satellite radio. This is because when you have access to this system, you essentially have access to your favorite radio stations no matter where you might be at that specific point in time. In the past you […]