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Cellular Router

As today’s internet connections become much less fixed to one location, the value of mobile internet devices and portable routers continues to increase. One item that’s become particularly popular over the last few years is the cellular router. These devices allow users to connect to the internet using an ordinary WiFi signal in almost any […]

3G/EVDO Router

EVDO, EV-DO, and EV (Evolution Data Optimized) are all common terms for a frequently used type of router. EVDO technology incorporates the use of a wireless data signal (via radio signals) which often provides access to broadband Internet to the user. There are various complicated descriptive of how the EVDO router functions. Some of the […]

USB Wireless Routers

Creating a small network between a number of computers is no longer an obstacle thanks to technology. A wireless router can help to transfer documents easily from one computer to several others. The information is sent as data packets, which consists of address information. This helps to indicate whether it is to be transferred to […]

Dual Band Router

Wireless technology has radically transformed the world of computing. While traditional cable networks remain popular, wireless networks are fast becoming the normal setup in homes and offices. Wireless connectivity is now considered by many people to be an essential feature of new routers and modems. It may add a bit extra to the price, but […]

Netgear Wireless Router

Wireless networking has really taken off in recent years. It is rapidly growing in popularity due mostly to its flexibility and convenience. There is no need to install long lengths of Ethernet cable to every room, and computers can be moved around and still remain connected to each other and the internet. Buying a Netgear […]

Modem/Router Combo

In this fast paced, information rich age, living without an internet connection is like walking with blinkers on. Without constant access to the World Wide Web, you are effectively blinded to most of the goings on of the world. Real time news, launches of new products, blogs and RSS feeds, all of these are rich […]

Wireless N Router

Wireless technology has transformed computing and made it more portable and accessible. A large number of wireless devices have appeared in the past decade. These include notebooks, printers, keyboards, mice, and routers. A router manages network traffic by directing it to the computers it was intended for. Wireless devices obey a set of rules called […]

Gigabit Router

Today computers are such a huge part of everyday life. It is how we communicate with people and also how we store a lot of valuable data. Without a computer we have limited access to some of the knowledge that can be found through the internet. It seems that most people today rely on their […]

Network Router

Back in the days when a single home computer was a luxury, a device like a network router was not needed. People were happy just to crowd around a single computer, and they were still marveling at the wonders of dial up internet. But fast forward a couple decades and you have homes with five […]

Cable DSL Router

If you have cable or DSL internet, you will have either a cable or DSL modem. This is all you need if you just have one computer that is connected to the modem via a cable. However, if you want to use more than one computer and the computers are located in different rooms, it […]

WiFi Router

Arguably the most important aspect of seamless wireless connectivity, no wireless connection can ever be complete without a WiFi router. Going by the popular description of the device, the hardware and software of this device is instrumental in routing and forwarding of information, and pertaining to our understanding need, this information can be understood as […]

Linksys Wireless Router

Wireless computing has become the way that many people prefer to enjoy their home personal computer use. There are a number of great benefits to having a Linksys wireless router in your home for personal use. This is a fabulous way to allow all the members of your family access to your home network that […]

Wireless Broadband Router

Have you ever taken some time to think with your friends or even staff members about the good side of your wireless broadband router? Well, the network utility is simply magical. A router is known for connecting computers to enable simple sharing of the Internet. With a cable modem, the speed is enhanced – something […]

VoIP Router

The internet has changed the way we access information but it has also changed the way we make telephone calls. Callers can save a lot of money by diverting their calls to the internet and away from the phone companies. They can save even more money if they cancel their land line service and use […]

Linksys Router

Chances are if you have shopped for a router in the past ten years you have considered or purchased a Linksys router. For years, these ubiquitous blue routers appeared in homes and offices all around the country. But where did Linksys come from? And what is the future of their company and their cost-effective, highly […]

Belkin Wireless Router

If you’ve been working with multiple computers and other devices for some time, then you’ve probably tried your hand at getting them to work together – in other words, networking. If not within the house, almost everyone gets their PC connected to the internet at least. If you have attempted anything like this, you’ve probably […]

Wireless Router

If you have a lot of computer equipment in your home, you probably have a need for a wireless router. This is a device that takes either the cable or DSL internet that is coming into your house and broadcasts it into a wireless signal so that other devices in your home are able to […]