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IR Extender

Over the last decade, home audio and video equipment has been reduced from a bulky form factor to a selection of sleek, stylish devices. Blu-ray players and home theater systems have become tiny, often quite aesthetically pleasing objects, while cable television boxes and other digital units have changed from being bulky, unsightly objects into stylish […]

Remote Control Ceiling Fans

When it comes to your home, small additions can significantly improve how comfortable you are in your home. A great example of this is a ceiling fan. While it might not seem like a big change, a ceiling fan can improve your home. This is especially true if you add a remote control ceiling fan […]

Remote Control Thermostat

For homes with an integrated central heating or air conditioning system, using a remote control thermostat for temperature and humidity control is generally a good idea. Available to suit most heating and ventilation systems and designed with simple, versatile use in mind, remote control thermostats are a popular addition to modern homes, apartments, and other […]

Keyless Entry Remote

Keyless entry remote has made a revolution in the automobile space with its convenient and secure mode of operation. The keyless entry remote is the most convenient way to lock or unlock your car. You can always do this standing several feet away without having the need to fight with your car to lock or […]

Touch Screen Remote Control

Ever wondered how to match that fancy home theatre with a cosier remote control? Surely the static variants which come with the extremely fancy equipment are quite drab in nature, and the prospect of a replacement with a LCD touch screen remote control sound extremely lucrative. The touch screen remote controls not only look good, […]

Remote Control Dimmer

Think of the next romantic dinner you are planning. Where will you go? What will the lighting be like? It’s rather hard to have a romantic evening under fluorescent lights. That’s why McDonalds and other fast food joints have never exactly been well-known romantic hot spots. On the other hand, think of a fancy restaurant. […]

Bluetooth Remote Control

Do you want a great way of remotely controlling electrical gargets from anywhere in your house? Have you considered Bluetooth remote control? Bluetooth technology has been making life a lot easier these days. Now we can manage our electrical devices and gadgets with wireless signals that are really radio frequency signals. Bluetooth has developed cutting […]

Universal Remote Control

Before the invention of the universal remote, coffee tables and couches all over America held two, three, four or even more remote controls. The number of remote controls might even have been looked upon as a badge of honor in some homes – the more remotes, the more technology. But soon enough, in 1985, to […]

TV Remote Control

The average house in a developed country today is filled with gadgets, gizmos and electronic devices. To us, who’re surrounded with technology from the time we wake up, this might seem little hard to appreciate, but if this was the 1930s, our homes would look like something out of a science fiction novel. Most devices […]