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Sound Card with RCA Input

An RCA connector can be defined as a type of electrical connector that specializes in the transfer of audio and video signals. Some more common terms by which it is known are phono connector and cinch connector. The term RCA connector first came into usage because it was introduced by the Radio Corporation of America […]

RCA Splitter

Splitters have been around for as long as there were electronic connectors. Be it used for the transfer of sound, video or just plain electricity. Electronic connectors had shown up as a miracle to the electric current (sound, video, data etc.) industry. It was not long after that these electric currents (signals) needed to be […]

RCA Video Cable

When it comes to connecting all your favorite electronic equipment you may need to purchase a few different types of cables and adapters to get everything working together perfectly. Many people own televisions, DVD players, receivers, VCR’s, gaming systems and cable boxes. All of these will need to be connected in some way in order […]

RCA Connector

The RCA connector is one of the oldest ways that we still use to connect video (and audio) to a Television set. Virtually every person who uses a TV has become very familiar with the yellow, red and white cables that magically transform a black TV screen into a quality image and booming sound (ideally). […]

RCA Smart Antenna

The change to digital television has gone well for most households, but some who are in built up areas or on the city fringes have experienced problems with their reception. An RCA smart antenna is ideal for these areas because it constantly optimizes the signal strength, regardless of the direction the signal is coming from. […]

RCA Audio Cables

Almost anyone who has ever had to hook up multiple gaming, video, and audio systems on their television sets has probably had to deal with RCA audio cables. These cables range in length, and have three plugs on each end of the connection, and they are used as an electrical connector. You may not know […]

RCA Converter

An RCA converter is a device that is intended to run a conversion signal from something that is designed to run on a three cable RCA system to a television that has only been set up to receive signals through a coaxial cable. Chances are that this is something that you might need if you […]

RCA to HDMI Converter

Slowly but surely, high definition is becoming the new standard for television, but it will many years before it completely takes over. Many homes now have a mix of new and old equipment which can be difficult to use together. A RCA to HDMI converter helps solve this problem by connecting incompatible equipment. It is […]