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Kitchen Exhaust Hoods

The exhaust hood is a very important part of your kitchen as it can help prevent some possibly serious situations. Your house could easily get full of smoke, and a kitchen fire would not be unexpected if you do not have a properly working kitchen exhaust hood. It is absolutely essential that you make sure […]

Slide Out Range Hood

Using your range hood is very important when cooking since cooking can produce unhealthy air particles that can be distributed to other rooms in the house. This why you find grease build up on the walls and curtains in other rooms besides just the kitchen. One way to cut down on these unhealthy contaminates being […]

Telescopic Downdraft Range Hood

If you are in the process of remodeling your kitchen or replacing your kitchen appliances with new ones, one important factor you will have to take into consideration is your range hood. If you are placing your stovetop in an island or peninsula the range hoods can pose some problems you never have thought of […]

30″ Vent Hood

Every home should have a vent hood over the range cooker. Vent hoods are designed to remove odors and unhealthy contaminants like grease and stale air that are released by cooking. A 30” vent hood is a common size hood that is used in a kitchen. They do come in various other sizes though. You […]

Ventilation Hood

For a modern household, ventilation is a regular routine to let the bad air out of the living environment. Keeping a window open of a room may seem sufficient, but for a kitchen it is a completely different scenario. In a modern day kitchen, there are so many unwanted and invisible germs and bacteria frolicking […]

Ductless Range Hood

There are three different styles of range hoods available. The styles are ducted, ductless, and convertible range hoods. A ducted range hood requires a duct to be installed and to have access to the outside of your home. The ductless range hood does not require this. The convertible range hood can be effective regardless of […]

Range Hoods

Ever since human beings discovered a taste for cooked food, they have innovated ways to get the cooking job done. Early humans simply cooked food over a campfire. Later, as our ancestors discovered the power of tool use, they developed pots in order to cook stews and broths. Being hunters and gatherers, they probably also […]

Kitchen Hood

Cooking in the kitchen can lead to many things: a great meal, a fun family activity, a room full of holiday cheer, and, in some cases, some leftover cooking odors that leave you trying to ventilate your kitchen or spray odor eliminating sprays around. There are other ways to eliminate odors from your kitchen, however. […]