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Digital Radio Scanners

Digital radio scanners, also known as ‘radio receivers,’ are devices that are able to tune and filter a variety of radio signals. This is achieved through a variety of microprocessor units, which give the standard radio scanner the ability to track hundreds of signals in just a few seconds. Despite being used to monitor emergency […]

Shower Radio

A shower radio is a device that is specifically designed to allow you to listen to the radio while you are showering. Although most electronic products are not recommended for use near water because they are not designed to tolerate moisture, shower radios are specifically designed to be waterproof and are perfect for those who […]

Clock Radios

Nobody likes alarm clocks. They usually signal the start of the old nine to five. However, they don’t wake you up kindly. It’s usually an ear piercing beep that you can’t switch off, and you end up fumbling around in the dark trying to find that mysterious ‘off’ switch. There are ways to get away […]

Cobra CB Radio

A CB (citizens band) radio is an ideal communications device for medium-ranged distance contact. Most of the affordable models of CB radios will utilize the FRS or GRMS radio frequency. Contact can be kept between radios for up to a couple of miles with CB radios on either of those frequencies. Any interference such as […]

Portable HD Radio

HD radio is a newer way to broadcast analog and digital radio. It allows radio stations to see the benefits of digital radio but without needing to secure rights to use a new frequency. HD radio allows stations to provide high quality sound as well as a wide variety of programming options. A portable HD […]

Radio Receiver

Antennas have been an integral part of machines which we use pretty much all the time. We first saw them on radios, and then we saw ‘rabbit ears’ sitting on top of the television when it first came out, and then when cable television came into being, we saw giant satellite dishes with antennas on […]

Radio Transmitters

Any electronic device which can broadcast an electromagnetic signal, usually using the help of an antenna, is a transmitter. Broadcasting of signals such as radio, television or any other telecommunication signals use a transmitter. Signals sent from a transmitter are sent to an object or a receiver for use of communication. If that is so, […]

FM Antenna

The most important thing to remember when it comes to FM Antennas is research. Not every FM Antenna is going to be suitable to every situation, meaning that you need to do your research and also shop around. If you live in a rural area, then you might want to think about a dipole antenna. […]

Marine VHF Radio

A marine VHF radio is used on most ships so there is a clear contact line between the people on board and the harbor and/or rescue services. VHF (very high frequency) radios are designed to be fully operational even under extreme circumstances, and something of this caliber is absolutely essential when out in the open. […]

Satellite Radio

One of the most interesting technological advancements in the recent era has been the implementation and usage of satellite radio. This is because when you have access to this system, you essentially have access to your favorite radio stations no matter where you might be at that specific point in time. In the past you […]