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Refurbished Projectors

Purchasing refurbished products instead of completely new is an excellent way to save money. It does however, take some time to learn how to correctly evaluate refurbished products. If you are planning to purchase a refurbished projector for instance, you need to know how to determine whether this will be a good product. There are […]

Laser Video Projector

A laser video projector is a product that takes a specific video signal and then converts that video signal to a modulated laser beam. Once the signal has been converted, the beam will project moving images. Laser video projectors currently product the highest variety of colors when compared to other display options. The very first […]

Wireless Projector Adapter

A wireless projector is a type of projector that will typically receive signals from its source (usually a PC or laptop) without the need to ever use cables. The main advantages of a wireless projector are that they have no cabling issues and, therefore, you are able to have a longer distance between the source […]

3D Projectors

In order to view an image as three-dimensional, our eyes will view things from two slightly different perspectives and then our brains will interpret the difference. Basically 3D projection is a process of viewing two images of the same subject matter, but from slightly different perspectives. We as the viewer will see these projected onto […]

Epson Projectors

Epson is a very commonly known manufacturer of projectors as well as other electronic devices. The company produces a long line of home theater, office and classroom projectors and use LCD technology. In addition, Epson produces a number of LCD panels for different companies that are considered the competition. They provide LCD panels to Sanyo […]

Projector Screens

You may recall that the first time you ever saw a projector screen was in the classroom at school. However technology has come a long way since the days of the noisy and extremely annoying screens of many years ago. There is now a huge variety of projector screens in the marketplace and they can […]

Mini Projector

The mini projector is an innovative piece of equipment that is becoming more and more popular with business people these days. A mini projector has all the necessary features that are required for a power-packed business presentation during business meetings. There are some Mini projectors on the market that weigh less than 4 pounds which […]

DVD Projector

A television is not the best choice for a large room or theater because the screen is too small for the people up the back to see it clearly. A regular projector is great for showing movies on a large screen but you need to have a spare DVD player available. Using a DVD projector […]

NEC Projectors

NEC projectors are now an extremely common sight in most offices. Like other projectors, they provide great aid in presentations. They are also being used by universities and schools; undoubtedly, teachers find them extremely useful during lectures and in making information clearly visible for students to understand. NEC projectors have been growing great popular ever […]

Sharp Projectors

In the competition for the best projectors available in the market, Sharp is a serious competitor for the gold. They have been running neck-and-neck with other projector manufacturers for decades. It is difficult to imagine how Sharp got here when you realize that they started from making mere pencils! Sharp originated from a small metal-workings […]

Short Throw Projector

In the world today, the use of projectors to display information has become a very popular concept. It can usually be seen in office conference rooms, classrooms and concert halls. Nowadays, many movie fanatics who own home theatres seem to use a projector to show the movie, rather than having it displayed on a TV. […]

Portable Projector Screen

It seems like people can no longer have a definite place to do all their work. Instead, they are always on the move. This change in work style has led to a growing need for electronic devices that can be carried to wherever their users want to. Manufacturers have long understood the need, and created […]

XGA Projector

The price difference between low and high end projectors is enormous. With monitors of the same size but different resolution capabilities, the price difference can be less than a couple hundred US dollars. That’s not nearly the case with projectors, where the difference can be up to a thousand dollars. XGA projectors are equivalent to […]

Multimedia Projector

There are many circumstances in which having a multimedia projector is very useful. Whether you work in a classroom or an office environment, having the ability to project information onto a larger viewing area may be necessary. Multimedia projectors are great for taking information from your computer and transmitting it onto a larger screen for […]

Portable Projector

When shopping for a portable projector there is quite a bit you will need to know about them beforehand. First off, there are different technologies that are used for specific types of portable projectors. Two of them in particular are readily available for purchase and are extremely common with portable projectors. Usually a portable projector […]

Home Cinema Projector

If you want the best home entertainment system, consider getting a home cinema projector. This is one way to experience cutting edge technology in your home with exceptional video viewing. You can find these projectors where they sell LCD and HDTVs and they cost about the same as a HDTV. A home cinema projector projects […]

InFocus Projectors

InFocus projectors take files such as PowerPoint presentations or movies and displays them on a full screen. This device has many uses, from business and education to entertainment. Factors such as space and weight, reproduction (in lumens) and contrast ratios will influence what kind of device you will want to get. Lumens are a unit […]

LED Projector

From billboards to compact projectors, LED (light emitting diode) technology has exploded in recent years. Thanks to LED, we can now easily transmit images up on a screen for meetings, classes, parties and more. These days it’s all about size. If you can meet your needs without having to purchase and carry around a larger, […]

Video Projector

This is one device we’re all too familiar with. In fact, we saw it all the time while growing up and it almost fails to register as a ‘device’. Rather, we look at it in pretty much the same was we would look at a light bulb – it’s almost that common. However, the video […]

DLP Projector

A DLP projector actually stands for a Digital Light Processing projector and has been founded on Texas Instruments Technology, which was originally developed in the late eighties. DLP projectors are one of the main parts of the technology that is behind the development of rear projection televisions. While many televisions right now run off LCD […]

LCD Projector

Liquid crystal display projectors, commonly referred to as LCD projectors, have virtually overtaken old-fashioned slide projectors and overhead projectors as the equipment of choice when conveying visual information such as video, images or computer data, to large groups of people. From school children viewing images from Europe in geography class to groups of executives discussing […]