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Bluetooth Printers

The very first Bluetooth printer was released in 2001. Ever since the invention of Bluetooth the wireless craze has taken off. A Bluetooth printer uses wireless radio based communication technology. This technology has provided a tremendous growth in the number of Bluetooth devices on the market today. It has been a little more than a […]

Canon Photo Printers

Canon are without doubt one of the biggest names in the global market of electrical appliances. They have a wide and varied range of photo printers with models to suit just about any budget. Canon has approximately 40 different models of photo printer and their prices start from $70. Canon Selphy Compact Photo Printer – […]

Brother MFC Printer

Brother is a Japanese company that has been in existence for just over one hundred years. The company started out making sewing machines and still makes them today, but it’s better known for its wide range of office equipment, which includes typewriters, computer printers, photocopiers, fax machines, and label printers. Brother is a respected name […]

Dot Matrix Printer

A dot matrix printer is also often referred to as an impact matrix printer and has many similarities with the printing mechanisms found in typewriters. The print head will either run from side to side or up and down and then strikes a cloth ribbon soaked in ink against the paper. However, where it differs […]

HP Photosmart Printer

To print good quality photos, you need a printer that has exceptional qualities. There are too many cheap color printers on the market that are not up to the task of photo printing. Hewlett-Packard (HP) have been making quality printers for as long as there have been desktop computers. In that time, they have come […]

Canon Pixma Printers

The Canon Pixma Printer Series includes several models of desktop, professional, photo all-in-one and office all-in-one printers. A Canon Pixma Printer includes the best image printing features for several tasks and includes advanced technology to ensure that you always receive the most precise and sharpest photo lab quality prints. The series allows you to print […]

Portable Laptop Printers

Laptops have clearly made it easier for people to do whatever they want to and wherever they want to. Other popular electronic gadgets, such as cell phones and PDAs (personal digital assistants) have resulted in similar benefits. Now people can choose to be involved in various tasks at the same time – a phenomenon known […]

Compact Photo Printer

If you’re interested in photography, you probably carry around your camera everywhere you go, right? If so, there are good reasons why you might want to add a compact photo printer to compliment your photographic toolkit. In fact, there are probably more reasons than you imagine! Whether you’re looking for general information on compact photo […]

Wireless Printer

Cheap desktop printers have become very popular in recent years, and even fax machines and photocopiers are being replaced by multifunction printers. A wireless printer provides all the convenience of a desktop printer without the trouble of running a network cable to it. Any computer, laptop or mobile device can use the printer without being […]

Brother Printers

When it comes to Brother printers, there are many factors to consider. Can it copy, scan or fax too? Does it print in color and/or black and white? You also need to consider the speed in which it prints, and what kind of ink cartridges are required. Brother printers offer all-in-one devices that are suitable […]

Ink Cartridge

Is your printer ink cartridge getting low on ink again? Have you ever had to replace your ink cartridge? People who are brand new to the world of computers, printers and fax machines are usually surprised when they find out how fast they can run out of ink and how much a new ink cartridge […]

Photo Printer

Choosing the best photo printer isn’t exactly a cut and dry process because different photos will satisfy different lifestyles. Are you a professional photographer? A graphic artist? An over-eager parent? Some will need professional output, others will require vast amounts of output. Other will require something more compact devices, while others will need a simple […]

Epson Printer

Out of all the brands a browser in an electronics store might come across when in the market for a printer, a few stand out. Seiko Epson, known in the United States as merely Epson, is one of those top notch brands. Seiko Epson is a Japanese company and one of the world’s top leading […]

Color Printer

There are now two types of color printers on the market – color inkjet printers and color laser printers. While both types can produce high quality prints and even crisp photographic printing, there are some differences that you should be aware of when in the market to purchase a new color printer. Color inkjet printers […]

HP Printer

Hewlett Packard (HP), the electronics company that is today best known for its personal computers and peripherals, got its start in 1939 headquartered in a garage in Palo Alto, California. If a long ago coin toss between HP’s co-founders, Bill Hewlett and David Packard, had gone the other way, we would now know the largest […]

Inkjet Printer

A printer is an important part of any home office. Choosing the right one for your requirements means you are sure you are spending your money on the right printer. It also depends on the work that you will be doing with it, but an inkjet printer is the most popular available. There is a […]

All-in-One Printer/Scanner/Copier

No office can do without an All-in-one printer/scanner/copier. There was a time when these devices were elusive, when technology was still budding and when offices were just about slowly catching up. However, today, faster and more efficient devices have made their way around our person, our homes and our offices. One device can perform many […]

Printer Cartridges

If you have a printer attached to your computer in your home office or business office, chances are that you are aware of the amount of ink that you have in the machine at all times and are very careful about using the ink and printer unnecessarily. This is generally because printer cartridges can be […]

Portable Printer

In today’s society, technology is more and more being built with people who are constantly on the go in mind. With all of this portability, it is only natural that before too long you would want a portable printer to go along with your laptop. After all, what good is having a computer that can […]

Laser Printer

We have all heard the term laser printer, and probably even have one at home or at work, but what are laser printers? How do they work? And how do they hold up when compared to other printing technology? And what on earth is that “toner” stuff you constantly seem to have to change in […]

Canon Printer

No computer system is complete without the reliability of a Canon printer. There are a lot of different options for you to choose from depending on your requirements, so you can have your choice of a canon printer that will work to print out high quality pictures or a different printer that will be able […]