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Classroom Projectors

Whether for a presentation or merely to assist in teaching, hundreds of thousands of teachers across the world rely on classroom projectors on a daily basis. Some opt to use their to display documents, written pieces, and example worksheets. Others, particularly those teaching at a higher level, might use their class projectors to assist students […]

Document Camera

A document camera is also known by many other names and these include: image presenters, visual presenters, digital visualizers, digital overheads, docucams. They are basically a device that captures real-time images and can display an object to a large audience. A document camera works very much like an opaque projector and will magnify not only […]

Digital Signage Display

Flat screens are a great way to watch television in the home, but they are also useful for sending a message out to a large number of people. There is even a special type of flat screen that has been designed just for this purpose, called the digital signage display. It can be found in […]

Interactive Whiteboards

An interactive whiteboard is also called an electronic whiteboard or a digital whiteboard. An interactive whiteboard is an improvement on the whiteboards of old that were used by businesses and classrooms. The interactive whiteboard connects to a computer via a USB port. Some will have Bluetooth technology as well. The whiteboard surface is sensitive to […]

Wireless Presenter

People today, have become increasingly dependent on science, technology and the comforts derived from them. As this comfort is realized, expectations from the world and people in it rise as well. Job performance and expectation has escalated as well, in response to technological advancements. Employers and consumers alike expect and even demand more, and employees […]

Multimedia Projector

There are many circumstances in which having a multimedia projector is very useful. Whether you work in a classroom or an office environment, having the ability to project information onto a larger viewing area may be necessary. Multimedia projectors are great for taking information from your computer and transmitting it onto a larger screen for […]

Cordless Presenter

If your do a lot of PowerPoint presentations, you probably are tired of being tied down to your laptop. You long to have the freedom to move around the conference room and conduct your presentation without needing to use your keyboard. A cordless presenter will help you achieve this freedom you need and will greatly […]