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Biogas Generator

Most people have never heard of a biogas generator. Up until recently it has been talked about very little. Now, with the rising cost of fossil fuels, biogas generation is becoming a major topic of conversation in certain circles. A biogas generator is one that is fueled by a mixture of animal and plant waste […]

Natural Gas Generators

A natural gas generator can best be described as a device which is able to burn gas in order to generate electricity. Natural gas generators are typically used in a whole host of different settings and are readily available in the vast majority of countries around the world. You will generally find larger versions of […]

Diesel Generators

There is no doubt that it is important to have a generator that will meet all of your needs in the event of a power emergency. It is crucial to have a generator that you will be able to depend on in times of great need. A diesel generator might be able to give you […]

Residential Wind Generators

A residential wind generator is a very innovative device that can provide many benefits for any home. With the continuously increasing price of electricity, switching to a residential wind generator should be a logical move. As there is no control over the increase in price for the electricity, you could continue to be paying more […]

Portable Solar Generator

Anyone that goes camping or exploring in the outdoors on a regular basis may want to consider investing in a portable solar power generator. This is a great electric power source that can be easily taken advantage of when in the great outdoors. With the fact that it works with solar power, it is unlikely […]

RV Generators

A motorhome, travel trailer, or RV is a great way to travel. These units usually come complete with stove, oven, refrigerator, water heaters, shower, toilet and heaters along with one or more beds and bathroom of course. The more expensive RVs will have air conditioners, microwave ovens, and built-in color televisions, stereos, etc. All of […]

Home Standby Generators

A home standby generator allows you to power your home when your electricity fails during a power outage. The generator is installed outside the home and provides backup power. Standby generators work much like heating and air conditioning units only they use an engine and do not require electricity in order to operate. There are […]

Bicycle Powered Generator

The wheel came to change our lives by allowing us to transport heavier cargo for a longer distance; it was the mother of all inventions that would introduce several other advancements which helped the human race grow and expand. It was thanks to the wheel that great technological wonders were built around the world. Even […]

Marine Diesel Generator

If you’re looking for a marine diesel generator, then you’re visiting the right website. We keep looking for the best products at the best prices so you don’t have to worry about doing research, when looking for a new generator. Feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions or remarks, and we’ll […]

Propane Generator

A propane generator has some significant advantages over generators relying on gas, for example. For once, gas can’t be stored indefinitely without losing its properties, so by choosing a gas generator you’d have to consistently remember to keep some gasoline in stock. Failing to do so, you’ll actually be at risk of damaging your generator […]

Wind Power Generator

Wind power generators are known as an extremely economical way to produce power and energy. You will actually find that wind power generators are far more advantageous than the majority of other types of generator. The main reason for this is that wind will produce energy which will eventually produce electricity, however, there is no […]

Gas Powered Generator

Gas powered generators are basically generators that are powered with gas. The gas is burnt in order to produce electricity. There are various types of gas-powered generators available, all offering various controls and features. The smaller versions of gas-powered generators are available at hardware stores, while larger generators are more difficult to obtain. Customized gas […]