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PDA Barcode Scanner

When shopping for a barcode scanner you have a wide selection of devices to consider. There is a large variety of barcode scanners that are used in retail stores, libraries, schools, and more. To purchase the best barcode scanner for your needs you will have to read up on the specific types of barcode scanners […]

PDA Keyboard

A common feature available in most PDAs is the ability of wireless communication. Whether it’s through IR (Infrared), Bluetooth or even Wi-Fi, it can access other devices and attachments without wires to send and receive information. Palm and PocketPC PDAs are equipped with at least one of the three wireless communication methods. But how could […]

Pocket PC

A Pocket PC is a small device that is really a mini computer. It can have spreadsheets, a word processor, games, calculators, drawing software etc. You can get on the internet with your Pocket PC and the new ones have Bluetooth capabilities and other wireless accessories. In fact, 3G technology has made the pocket pc […]

Blackberry Phone

The Blackberry phone is a brand of mobile smartphone that is popular with people who work in government and business. Executives, politicians, and other busy people who travel frequently need a mobile phone that allows them to read and send messages while they are out of the office. The Blackberry phone was designed especially for […]

Electronic Organizer

Keep track of your appointments, count your calories, convert your currency and more with electric organizers. Really — what did people do before these things. There are appointment reminders with alerts, food lists, braingames — the list is endless. There are even features for syncing to your work e-mail if your company uses Outlook. For […]

Blackberry Smartphone

The Blackberry smart phone combines the use of a cell phone with that of a PDA. It can be used as an organizer, for e-mails, for phone calls and more. There are many things to consider when looking for a Blackberry. When shopping for a Blackberry, ask yourself: does it offer WiFi? do I need […]

PDA GPS Receiver

PDA GPS receivers allow you the ease of a compact GPS so that the busy driver can get where he needs to go on time. There are many features you want to consider when purchasing PDA GPS receiver, including what kinds of maps are available, whether the antenna is small and indiscreet, how many points […]

PDA Phone

As technology has progressed through the last twenty years, people have found more and more compact ways of storing their information and taking it with them. Ten to fifteen years ago this was done through a personal digital assistant (PDA). This little machine was capable of storing a few files, addresses, and other basic information; […]

Palm PDA

Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) is such a ubiquitous term these days that it is difficult to imagine that the technology rolled out as recently as 1996. The very first PDA was manufactured by a division of U.S. Robotics called Palm Computing. Running the Palm Operation System (OS), this first edition, called the Palm Pilot, introduced […]