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Transcription Machine

Speech recognition is a technology that is, in many ways, still in its infancy. There are numerous hardware and software programs that allow our speech to be transcripted into text, and most of them are fairly effective. When most of us think about speech recognition, we think of it in the context of computer programs, […]

Office Machines

Businesses, be it small or large cannot function properly without services that are related to office machines such as printers, copiers, binding appliances etc. In terms of running successfully, cost-effectiveness and efficiency, if a business has its own office service department, it is generally touted to be a big competitive advantage. There are numerous forms […]

Inkjet Fax Machine

An inkjet fax machines uses similar mechanisms to what an inkjet printer uses. Like an inkjet printer, an inkjet fax machine uses very small quantity of ink on paper to produce an image. Unlike a film-cartridge fax machine, an inkjet fax machine produces a better quality image. The dots are precisely positioned with extremely high […]


Whether you own a business or just need to be able to make copies of important papers you may be in need of a photocopier. Before purchasing a photocopier you must first consider what features you will want. Photocopiers come in many sizes. Some are large and stand alone while others may fit on a […]

Green Laser Pointer

Before the laser pointer appeared, most people only saw laser beams in science fiction movies. Today, laser beams can be seen in lecture theaters and conference rooms every day. They are a more convenient alternative to a long pointing stick, and they have a long range which allows them to be used outdoors. The beams […]

Document Scanner

It’s hard to imagine what people did before the advent of document scanners. These handy electronic devices allow anybody with a hard copy of a document to place it on a flat bed or insert it into a document feeder, hit a button, and then viola, they have a digital copy of their document. One […]

Canon Copiers

The Canon company often makes top ten lists when it comes to business practices, innovation, and creativity. Specializing in the production of optical equipment such as photocopiers and computer printers, the company is especially renowned for its Canon copiers. A multinational corporation based in Ota, Tokyo, Japan, Canon got its name from the Japanese word, […]

Fax Machine

With the advent of email and internet faxing services, fax machines are slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past. But don’t discount these hardy business machines yet. Fax machines are still ubiquitous in most office settings, and sometimes faster and more efficient in sending digital documents that the alternative – scanning and emailing […]

Inkjet Printer

A printer is an important part of any home office. Choosing the right one for your requirements means you are sure you are spending your money on the right printer. It also depends on the work that you will be doing with it, but an inkjet printer is the most popular available. There is a […]

All-in-One Printer/Scanner/Copier

No office can do without an All-in-one printer/scanner/copier. There was a time when these devices were elusive, when technology was still budding and when offices were just about slowly catching up. However, today, faster and more efficient devices have made their way around our person, our homes and our offices. One device can perform many […]

Printer Cartridges

If you have a printer attached to your computer in your home office or business office, chances are that you are aware of the amount of ink that you have in the machine at all times and are very careful about using the ink and printer unnecessarily. This is generally because printer cartridges can be […]