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Network Media Player

A network media player is a media streamer that can be used to view all different kinds of media. One will allow you to stream live music, videos from the internet or other network to your HDTV or on your laptop or computer. You can also view your photos on your HDTV with one from […]

NAS Devices

Network Attached Storage (NAS) can best be described as a file based storage service that is supplied to other devices that are connected to the same network. The main function of NAS is to provide file systems, access to files and data storage. However you should be aware that a NAS unit is not intended […]

PoE Switch

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a new technology that allows networking equipment to operate without a power adapter. The electrical power is delivered through a standard Ethernet cable, without affecting the data transfer speed in any way. There is no need to replace existing cables or equipment, unless they happen to be really old and […]

Load Balancer

The load balancer is an essential part of every large computer network, and it can even be useful for smaller networks as well. It helps avoid the traffic bottlenecks that adversely affect speed and reliability on a network. Along with managing traffic, it can also be used to combine the bandwidth from two or more […]

Wireless USB Hub

Wireless hubs have been around for quite a while now, but their popularity starting soaring recently due to the growth in internet revolution. Networking has now reached workplaces and households, making hubs necessary gadgets. It can connect multiple computers together to create a single network, making it surprisingly easy to access. It can also share […]

Cisco Switch

What exactly is a Cisco switch, how does it function and what do switches do on an Ethernet network? These are questions a lot of people who want to understand computers and networks will want to know the answer too. If you have a Cisco switch, it will change Ethernet frames and work at Layer […]

Dual Monitor KVM Switch

One of the more unusual computer peripherals is the KVM switch, which stands for keyboard, video, and mouse switch. Few computer users would have ever used a KVM switch or even seen one for that matter. The dual monitor KVM switch is even more uncommon but that may be about to change. Dual monitor setups […]

Network Patch Panels

Ever seen the inside of server rooms infiltrated with hundreds of thousands of meters of network cables, shamelessly clogged into alien looking machines filled with hundreds of sockets? Network patch panels are exactly what you most probably saw, which made today’s network infrastructures possible. Network patch panels houses network cable connection, in a generally rack […]

Network Router

Back in the days when a single home computer was a luxury, a device like a network router was not needed. People were happy just to crowd around a single computer, and they were still marveling at the wonders of dial up internet. But fast forward a couple decades and you have homes with five […]

KVM Extender

A Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM) device connects the keyboard, monitor and mouse to more than one computer. KVM extenders are part of a family of accessories that include switches and hardware for remote use, sharing or training. KVM extenders stretch out your set-up including keyboards and mouses. Longer distance KVM devices employ the use of […]

KVM Switch

Desktop computers can be found in most homes and offices today, and it is not uncommon to find people using several computers at the same time. There are many demanding tasks that require more than one computer, such as creating 3D graphics. To have a separate keyboard, mouse, and monitor for each computer is expensive […]

Gigabit Switch

Gigabit Ethernet is a high speed networking technology that is used in many homes and offices. Its data traffic speeds are up to ten times faster than those on older Ethernet networks. A gigabit switch is a device that manages traffic on a network by directing it more efficiently. There are several models of gigabit […]

DVI Switch Box

The traditional set up of a computer system is changing as more people are finding that their requirements are not being met with the standard tower, monitor, keyboard and mouse set up. For these users, there are a few options that will help find the exact set up that works for them. An example of […]

Network Hub

A network hub allows the interlinking of several PCs and devices together to form a network. It can be considered as a normal junction box that passes along a signal to all devices connected to it. Most technically minded people associate hubs with a primitive form of networking with the notion of a packet collision […]

Network Switch

So you have a small and home-based business or office? If you have, then probably, your network is nothing more than a combination of PC, router, and a modem. However, if you’re planning to expand your business as well as your network, you may easily find your router running out of ports to link more […]

Ethernet Adapter

If you have worked long enough on a computer at work, in your school library or a university campus or any other library, you must be familiar with the term ‘Ethernet’. An Ethernet is a means of networking within a small area. The global network of computers is called the Internet. Similarly a network that […]

DSL Modem

This particular device is familiar to everyone as most of us have used it in the past, and some continue to do so today as well. The simplest definition would be that it is a modem that allows one to connect to the internet over a digital subscriber line (DSL). Before the DSL connection came […]

Voice Interface Card

A voice interface card can range all the way from a few hundred dollars all the way up to many thousands of dollars. The voice technology strides that have been made recently are outstanding. A person using this technology in one country can talk via the internet to a person in another country without the […]

Linksys Router

Chances are if you have shopped for a router in the past ten years you have considered or purchased a Linksys router. For years, these ubiquitous blue routers appeared in homes and offices all around the country. But where did Linksys come from? And what is the future of their company and their cost-effective, highly […]

Wireless Network Converter

Do you have a wired Ethernet equipped device that you want to make a part of your wireless network devices? If so, you need a wireless network converter to do it. A wireless network converter, also known as a bridge, will connect game consoles, computers and other such devices so that they can share the […]

Belkin Wireless Router

If you’ve been working with multiple computers and other devices for some time, then you’ve probably tried your hand at getting them to work together – in other words, networking. If not within the house, almost everyone gets their PC connected to the internet at least. If you have attempted anything like this, you’ve probably […]

USB Modem

Of the multitude of ways to connect to the internet, especially for those seeking connectivity on the go, one of the newest is the USB modem. Typically, getting wireless internet connection requires having a LAN card and access to a Wi-Fi hotspot. But with a USB modem you can have direct access to the internet, […]

RAID Controller

One of the most critical items on your computer is the data. Just about everything else can be replaced, but if you use the valuable information on your system, there is nothing you can do, in many cases, to get it back. Think of all the precious photos you have on your system. Or if […]

Network Bridge

For people who are not computer geeks or who have no idea what a network bridge is, you can go online and search the internet to learn all about it. You may not understand what you are reading though and would gain a better understanding of it by actually talking to another person who is […]

Ethernet Switch

An Ethernet switch can connect a Local Area Network between multiple computers. It can receive data packets and inspect them and then send the data on to the relevant computer that is accessing it. Another benefit to using an Ethernet switch is that you will need less bandwidth, even while performing at high rates of […]

Cable Modem

With the advent of wireless Internet and other advancements in computer technology, cable modems have nearly become but a memory. For a lot of Internet subscribers, a modem comes with their Internet Service Provider (ISP), so it’s not always a necessity to know what goes into a cable modem. However, for those who still need […]

Wireless Router

If you have a lot of computer equipment in your home, you probably have a need for a wireless router. This is a device that takes either the cable or DSL internet that is coming into your house and broadcasts it into a wireless signal so that other devices in your home are able to […]