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Dell Netbook

Dell netbooks are known for their sleek designs and their numerous customization options. However, the battery life and ergonomics of previous Dell netbooks leaves a lot to be desired. This was, of course, until the new Dell notebook Inspiron mini 10 was introduced into the marketplace. This newest version of their netbook takes advantage of […]

Touchscreen Netbook

There is no better computer than a netbook for mobile computing. If you are regularly travelling with a notebook or laptop you should understand how difficult it is. Even with a laptop backpack or carrying case, it just is not very compact or portable. Laptops in particular are mostly designed to be portable within a […]

Acer Netbook

For the past decade, notebook computers have been gaining in popularity and driving down sales of new desktop computers in the process. Today, there is a new type of portable computer that is threatening both markets. The netbook is basically a cut-down version of a notebook that is aimed at casual computer users. It does […]

HP Netbook

A netbook is more powerful than a mobile phone and easier to carry than a notebook. It is an ideal computer to have on business trips, especially when you need to type something in a hurry. A netbook can also be used to browse websites but the small display and touchpad makes this a bit […]

Mini Notebook

Without a doubt, the most exciting computing product to appear in recent years has been the mini notebook. Sometimes called a netbook or sub-notebook, it is cheap and portable and definitely not a toy. It has many of the features of a regular notebook but falls short of its processing power. The growing popularity of […]

Tablet PC

It goes without saying that portable computers are very popular these days. Sales of notebooks and netbooks have increased dramatically in the past few years. The convenience of having a computer available at all times is very attractive to many people. There are plenty of different types to choose from, but some types are far […]


In the past few years, a new type of personal computer has been creating a great deal of excitement. The netbook is a small notebook that is used mostly for email and web browsing. Some manufacturers call them mini-laptops or sub-notebooks but netbook is the most commonly used term. They are not as powerful as […]