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Outdoor Motion Sensor

Outdoor motion sensors allow you to supply better protection for the area around your home. There are a variety of benefits to using an outdoor motion sensor on your property. They give you the ability to keep a watch on your home at all times without actually having to be there to watch. The sensors […]

Motion Sprinklers

As every gardener knows, stray animals can do major damage to a garden in a short space of time. It is against the law in most places to trap or poison animals, which leaves few options for getting rid of them. You can turn the hose on them if you are lucky enough to see […]

Window Alarms

Home security is something that most homeowners are concerned about, and rightly so given that crime always increases as more people lose their jobs. But there are so many security products available that it can be hard to decide which ones are the best to get. Window alarms are an affordable and effective way of […]

Motion Light Switch

A motion light switch is an extremely economical way to conserve energy in your home. Typically as you enter a room the lights will turn themselves on and when you no longer need them and leave the room, they automatically switch off within a specified period of time. The motion sensor, in most cases, is […]

Motion Switch

Motion sensors have become a vary popular feature in a number of products. Some of the more common areas where motion sensors exist are in domestic lighting and security cameras. This article will look at using motion sensors for lighting. We will also give you some tips that will come in handy when you go […]

Wireless Motion Sensor

Imagine you are home alone at night. You live in the country or a neighborhood without streetlights, so the darkness outside is almost absolute. Suddenly, though it is a calm night, you hear a noise outside. It could be the wind, but the weather forecast did not predict bad weather. You listen further and the […]

Wireless Motion Detector

Your safety and security matter a lot; thus, it is only normal if you want to go through great lengths to have your home secured. Perhaps, then, you have already invested in quite a lot of home safety devices. A more recent breakthrough in this type of technology is the wireless motion detector, and a […]