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Gaming Motherboards

As far as computer technology goes with regards to gaming, it is crucial to select the proper components that will enable high quality graphics and smooth game play. The motherboard is of course the central part of any computer that is necessary for it to function. The speed of this part will determine a number […]

BTX Motherboards

The history of computing contains many examples of technology that seemed right at the time but never really caught on. The story of the BTX motherboard is one of high hopes that were quickly dashed. It was destined to become the new standard and take over from the long-running ATX motherboard but in just a […]

Socket 939 Motherboards

A motherboard is the primary circuit board inside of a computer and is also known as the brains of the computer. This is where the central processing unit (CPU) is as well as the memory, drives, expansion slots and other peripheral devices are connected. The motherboard facilitates the communication between devices in the computer and […]

Socket 478 Motherboard

Those who are looking to build their own computer will definitely want to look at a socket 478 motherboard. The motherboard is arguably the most important part in any given computer and it is responsible for sending electrical signals to all of the other parts in the computer. These particular motherboards are great for putting […]

Crossfire Motherboard

Crossfire can best be described as a relatively new form of technology that will allow the use of two graphic cards in a single computer system. By using two graphic cards you will find that your PCs graphics and their output will be dramatically boosted. However, in order to use crossfire, it will be necessary […]

Socket 939 Motherboard

The history of the motherboard is filled with various socket designs. Some were short-lived and quickly forgotten, while others lasted for years and became well known to computer enthusiasts. One of the more famous sockets to appear in recent years is Socket 939, which was used for many AMD Athlon processors released between 2004 and […]

Gigabyte Motherboards

Gigabyte is a specific brand of motherboard that is typically used for building computers. In fact you could say that the motherboard is one of the most important aspects of building a PC computer. You will find that the motherboard is typically flat, long and a green board that has numerous integrated circuits. A motherboard […]

Socket 775 Motherboards

The motherboard is the innermost heart of your computer. It is called the logic board by experts and makes up the complex electronic system in your computer. There are all kinds of motherboard manufactures that have various ones on the market. If you are going to upgrade your motherboard to a socket 775 motherboard you […]

Motherboard Bundles

The demand for using motherboard bundles to build systems is becoming increasingly popular by the day. They are most often used to either assemble or update your computer with the greatest of ease and also extremely quickly. A motherboard bundle can best be described as an assimilation of other individual computer components. They basically consist […]

AMD Motherboards

The motherboard is one of the main components that are found in modern computers. They contain most of the crucial circuits and electronic devices needed while also providing a platform for other peripheral devices to connect to. Nowadays, there are a number of brands that produce high quality motherboards of which, like in case of […]

Intel Motherboard

Open up any desktop computer made in the last thirty years and there is a good chance it will contain an Intel motherboard. Intel has been manufacturing motherboards, or mainboards as they are often called, since the early days of the computing industry. There are over thirty different models for desktop computers in the current […]

Dual CPU Motherboard

A computer, or PC, consists of several pieces of hardware, each operating simultaneously and in synch with the next. The main parts of a PC are: CPU Memory (Primary and Secondary) HDD ROM Monitor USB Flash Drives The most important pieces of a PC are in the core of the unit, but consist of a […]

XFX nForce Motherboard

A motherboard is an essential component of computers. It is the main circuit board in a computer, and is also known by the names of logic board, system board, or simply, mobo. The motherboard essentially connects all the components of a computer such as the CPU (Central Processing Unit), hard drives, video cards, etc. XFX […]

Motherboard CPU Combo

Desktop computers have fallen to price levels that were unimaginable a few years ago. A brand new model can be bought for just a few hundred dollars today. The growing popularity of notebooks, netbooks, and mobile smartphones is the main reason that prices are falling. Instead of upgrading their desktop computers, many buyers are choosing […]

Socket A Motherboard

At the start of the millennium, Socket A was introduced by Advanced Micro Devices and went on to dominate the computer world for several years. It was used with AMD Athlon processors that were released between the first Thunderbird and the last Thorton. The Socket A motherboard was a popular choice during these years, especially […]

ATX Motherboard

The ATX motherboard in your computer is sometimes referred to as the main board. It is the primary board inside your computer that connects your CPU, memory, drives, expansion slots and the other devices that are connected to your computer. The circuits that are in the motherboard on your computer allow the communication between all […]

ASUS Motherboard

The primary circuit board inside a computer is called the motherboard. Peripheral devices are connected to it, like the central processing unit (CPU), drives, and memory and expansions slots. The core circuitry to the motherboard is called the chipset. There are different chipset manufactures and you can get an ASUS motherboard with at chipset that […]


Motherboard. The name itself invokes importance. Something that cannot be done without. Well, it’s true. A motherboard is the largest component of your CPU case and connects all the other components, helping them work and communicate. If you opened the case and laid it horizontally, the large, flat, green plate you see is the motherboard. […]