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HDCP Monitor

Large computer monitors are more affordable than they have ever been, making it a very attractive option to upgrade right now. They make it possible to play high-definition Blu-ray movies on a computer without losing any of the detail, but many buyers are discovering to their horror that there are restrictions placed on the devices […]

17 Inch Monitor

If you are planning to purchase a new replacement monitor, or a new computer system altogether, you will find that there are many monitor options available today. Most people today prefer a 17 inch monitor to other sizes for a variety of reasons. First, a 17 inch monitor offers much more viewing space than a […]

Roof Mount Monitor

Anyone who travels long distances on our national highways knows that the worst part of the journey is the boredom. The endless stretches of road can have an almost hypnotic effect on both drivers and passengers. Children tend to suffer the most if they have nothing to keep themselves amused. A roof mount monitor is […]

Flip Down Monitor

A flip down monitor is basically a regular monitor that can fold up into a ceiling. Flip down monitors are usually used in cars, where the combination of a low ceiling and small screen size makes them ideal for passengers. Flip down monitors are rarely seen in households, which have the exact opposite conditions. The […]

TV Monitor

There is a huge competition between the television manufacturers these days. This competition ultimately benefits the customers. The reason is that the companies come up with numerous varieties of television with different sizes and added features. The companies also play with the pricing factor, which is a kind of golden opportunity for the customers to […]

OLED Display

LED, an acronym for Light Emitting Diode, is a device that coverts electrical energy into light. LEDs can be used for a number of lightening purposes at home or workplace, and are also used for computers, DVD players, and televisions. OLED or Organic Light Emitting Diode is a modern advancement in LED technology, and has […]

Flat Panel Monitor

Let me show you 2 monitors that seem identical – both are 21- inch wide, both are compatible with the latest video and graphics card, and both can handle very high resolutions. However, one of these monitors is a flat panel monitor while the other one is the usual CRT monitor – the one that […]

Computer Monitor

There are two main criteria for buying a monitor – its physical size and its resolution. Resolution is the ability to render more detail. If you need to work with graphics or play graphics-intensive games, buy a monitor with higher resolution. Even if you buy it online, check it personally at a computer store. It […]

CCTV Monitor

The popularity of closed-circuit television (CCTV) has increased in the last few years. It was originally intended for use by governments and businesses, but many home owners are now discovering its benefits. Choosing the right CCTV monitor can make the difference between an effective system and one that fails to deliver. Even the owners of […]

Touch Screen Monitor

A touch screen monitor is one that has the ability to detect where its screen is being touched. It looks like a regular monitor but is more expensive on average. While they will probably never replace the keyboard and mouse on a desktop computer, they still have many practical uses. They are used in retail […]

Widescreen Monitor

You can enjoy better viewing with a widescreen monitor. Almost everyone today would rather have a widescreen monitor for their computer or HDTV. Video viewing is much more pleasant on a widescreen and it causes less strain on your eyes. Today’s computers are much more powerful and can perform multiple tasks quicker and more efficiently. […]

Flat Screen Monitor

Do you remember when a computing work station was huge? With large computer CPUs, gigantic peripherals, and enormous, heavy computer monitors, any type of desk was dwarfed under all that hardware. Luckily for those of us with home computer work stations, things have improved significantly on the size front. As with most technology, advancements have […]

LCD Monitor

Before the advent of LCD monitors, computer users were stuck with huge CRT monitors. With their bulky, wide size, and weight over 30-50 pounds, these monster monitors cluttered desks and made transport a nightmare. LCD monitors, on the other hand, which are 2 to 3 inches wide and often weigh in under 10 pounds, have […]