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USB Memory Stick

A USB or Universal Series Bus memory stick is a small, portable device that allows you to save and store data. It is basically a portable memory chip and circuit board that is found inside of a small plastic case. This case is typically about the width of a thumb and contains a removable cap […]

SD Card Adapter

According to United States Patent 7097512, the inventors of the SD card adaptor known as the mini memory card adaptor were Hsiao, Kun-hsien (Chung Ho, TW), Feng, Yen-jung (Chung Ho, TW), Hsu, Mei-hua (Chung Ho, TW) and Chen, Chun-chung (Chung Ho, TW). The original filing date for the application for the adaptor was 11/07/2005. Soon […]

Sony Memory Stick

Sony has come out with a new memory stick and now you can have more digital storage space than ever before. A Sony memory stick is a small portable device that you can plug into your computer and save your video and audio files as well as your written text documents if you want to. […]

SanDisk CompactFlash

SanDisk was the first creator of the CompactFlash device format. The format dates back to 1994 and it is still used to date. The format is flash memory and it was one of the main forms of memory card formats in the early years of these products. The CompactFlash card was more popular than the […]

SmartMedia Card

When digital cameras, PDAs and MP3 players became available to the general public the need for the extra digital storage space became greater than ever. In the beginning, many people used 3.5 inch floppy diskettes for backup and for storage. Compared to the storage devices that we have today, the old-fashioned floppy disks are huge, […]

SanDisk SD Cards

In this modern age of information overload, you can hold onto an abundance of data with your palm. Whether it’s through your mobile phone or a USB drive, you can fit data from 2 GB to 16 GB in a simple little card. MicroSD HC is a popular form of portable flash memory. It is […]

PSP Memory Card

Sony released its PlayStation Portable (PSP) handheld gaming console in order to compete with other popular handheld consoles such as the Nintendo DS. The system was released in Japan in late 2005 and in the United States in 2005. The PSP is the first handheld console to use an universal media disc (like a small […]

Flash Memory Card

We’ve all heard of this term quite a lot. We even know what they look like. So you might refer to your memory stick or pen drive as flash drive or you might call the memory card in your game console as a flash memory card. But exactly what is flash memory? And what are […]

SDHC Memory Card

SDHC Cards are next generation Secured Digital memory cards, primarily introduced to overcome the limitations of capacity in the previously conventional SD Cards. Removable storage devices have received a massive surge in terms of global applications over the past few years, being chief technological drivers behind modern technological devices such as smart phones, digital cameras, […]

Memory Card Adapter

As technology develops, so do new ways of storing memory. Memory cards have been used hundreds of different applications, from video game systems to cell phones. They have proven to be a great way to transfer files between different systems, or store files too big for others. Even with the popularity of USB drives and […]

Memory Card Reader

Memory cards are used in a large number of electronic gadgets including digital cameras, mobile phones, and laptops. They are a great alternative to optical discs and thumb drives for storing all kinds of digital media. However, it can be a problem transferring the contents of a card to a computer or another gadget if […]

SanDisk Memory Cards

Memory cards are used to store media in many small digital devices. They are convenient, inexpensive, and can retain data for a very long time. SanDisk memory cards are the most popular brand used today and come in a variety of different types. The original SanDisk card was the CompactFlash which is still used today. […]

SD Memory Card

With technology advancing and electronic devices becoming smaller and smaller, electronics designers have had to content with some very particular issues. One of the main issues they have had to deal with is how to store memory in smaller and smaller devices. For some devices, the challenge of storing memory in such a small space […]

CompactFlash Card

Compact Flash, sometimes shortened to CF, is a type of mass memory storage used in portable electronic devices. The CompactFlash card technology was developed by SanDisk in 1994 and has grown in popularity throughout the years so that it is now used in a variety of electronic devices. CompactFlash cards generally use flash memory within […]

MicroSD Card

You’re quite familiar with the microSD card. You think not? Well it’s present in almost all the devices you use today for storing memory. You probably know it as the memory card. That’s right – the one in your digital camera, cell phone, PDA, mp3 player and any other portable device that needs to store […]


If you’ve ever bought a digital camera, or an MP3 player or even a high-end cell phone loaded with features – you’ve inquired, among other things, about the device’s memory. If you’ve noticed, most such hi-tech gadgets don’t have too much in-built memory. However, the retailer will offer to upgrade the memory by inserting what […]

Memory Card

Memory cards offer portability, re-recordability, power free storage, and, true to their name, a way to store information that you want to come back and use later. Memory cards are used in a variety of electronic devices, from mobile and handheld computers, cameras, telephones, music players, video game consoles and almost any other electronic device […]

Digital Camera Memory Card

So you’ve finally researched every digital camera out there and narrowed it down to your ideal purchase. Unfortunately, the hard work has just begun. Now you must decide what your best bet is when it comes to storing those photos. In some ways, memory card shopping for your digital camera can be as important — […]

Memory Stick

With the development of computer technology, you also get the evolution of the storage devices. One such device is the memory stick. This has actually been around for a little while now as it was first developed by Sony in the late nineteen nineties. Since then there have been a whole host of different versions […]