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Magnetic Stripe Reader

Magnetic stripe technology is used all the time. You probably have more than one card in your wallet that has a magnetic stripe on it. All kinds of information can be stored on this innovative invention. Most people do not even give it a second thought but you have vital information on your credit cards […]

XD Card Reader

A memory card is a thin plastic square that contains a flash memory chip. It is about one inch long on each side and looks a bit like a poker chip. On the front, there is a label showing the type and capacity of the card. The contacts on most cards are located on the […]

Sandisk Micromate Reader

If you have ever taken family photos and videos on an outing or vacation you need to have a flash storage card to have enough memory. Most people want to transfer their photos and videos to a laptop or PC for editing. You need to have a flash memory card reader to do this. A […]

Mifare Card Reader

The first steps towards a cashless society are already underway in many places around the world. The introduction of contactless smart cards has resulted in a shift away from traditional paper tickets and magnetic strip cards. Public transport systems are the main users of this new technology but it’s also used by many other businesses. […]

Proximity Card Reader

A proximity card reader is a type of reader that eventually replaced card readers that used the Wiegand effect. This effect was used in magnetic card readers that were very popular when the technology was invented. Each of the keycards used in these readers had strands of Wiegand wiring embedded in them. When the wires […]

Memory Card Reader

Memory cards are used in a large number of electronic gadgets including digital cameras, mobile phones, and laptops. They are a great alternative to optical discs and thumb drives for storing all kinds of digital media. However, it can be a problem transferring the contents of a card to a computer or another gadget if […]

SD Card Reader

Secure Digital (otherwise known as SD) is a memory card format. These memory cards are a type of technology known as non-volatile, simply meaning that they can store information even when not powered. Originally developed by the electronics companies Toshiba, Matsushita, and SanDisk, SD Cards are used to store information from portable devices such as […]