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Wireless Music Bridge

Even in today’s technological age, many computer users find that connecting various users or devices of a specific system together without needing cables and wires is frustrating. A wireless music bridge allows you to connect to a personal computer without using wires and cables. You can listen to your music without the fear of tripping […]

Network Media Player

A network media player is a media streamer that can be used to view all different kinds of media. One will allow you to stream live music, videos from the internet or other network to your HDTV or on your laptop or computer. You can also view your photos on your HDTV with one from […]

HDD Media Players

An HDD media player is a device that allows computer users to move files into it and play them on a monitor or television. HDD stands for Hard Drive Disk, and when connected to computers, HDD media players function in exactly the same way as any other external hard drive. However, they have the additional […]

Digital Media Streamer

A digital media streamer is a device that plays various kinds of multimedia depending on the different product licensing and capabilities. If you have an Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3 or a Nintendo Wii you can have a digital media streamer. These types of digital media streamers can handle various file formats such as MPEG1, […]

Wireless Media Players

Technology has come so far that all sorts of multimedia data today can be transferred, shared and enjoyed instantly. While computers are suitable for personal use, sharing music, videos and pictures with family and friends can bring everyone together. After a great vacation, the hassle of uploading the pictures from camera to the computer and […]

Digital Media Player

When shopping for a digital media player you will have to do a bit of research on your options and specific models available. There are a number of things that you should consider when choosing a digital media player for your home. This article will go over everything you should think about when looking for […]

Portable HDD Player

A recent trend adapted by youths and a lot of people around the world is to own Hard Disk Drive (HDD) players. These HDD players are ideal for people who love to store a lot of media files such as videos and audios, which are stored in the HDD player as compressed formats. These players […]

MP5 Player

There is no such thing as an .mp5 file. However, there are MP5 players. Unlike MP3 players, they aren’t named for the file they can run. Instead, each successive “MP” player is able to perform and increasing number of functions. For example, MP3 players can only play music. An MP4 player can play music, videos […]

HDD Multimedia Player

These days everyone is using their computers to download movies, watch videos, play games and store their favorite photos. The problem is that once you have all these things on your computer you get stuck having to sit at your computer in order to enjoy them. That is why owning an HDD multimedia player is […]

WD TV HD Media Player

Media players are popular right now because many people like to store photos, music, and videos on their home computers. However, it can be a problem getting that media from a computer to the home entertainment system. You can burn lots of discs, or even connect the computer to the system, but an easier way […]

SACD Player

Super Audio Compact Disk players take CD playing to the next level by offering the Direct Stream Digital (DSD) format, as opposed to the more traditional PCM (Pulse Code Modulation). In fact, DSD was used in the 1970s and 1980s before the first CD player, in PCM, came out and changed digital music listening forever. […]