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Logitech Headsets

There was a time when headsets were once only worn by radio operators and pilots, nowadays we see headsets everywhere – used for listening music, watching television and even for playing multiplayer role playing games online. One of the best headset brands currently in the market is undoubtedly Logitech. Logitech Group, whose holding company Logitech […]

Logitech QuickCam

Logitech QuickCam is a line of video camera webcams produced, of course, by Logitech. There are so many cameras in this range now, each offering something different. Some of the newer models, of course, offer more exciting and impressive features, but some are just basic webcams. It all depends on what you want to use […]

Logitech Webcam

The Logitech Webcam is one of the many peripheral devices made by the Swiss company ‘Logitech Group’, which was established in 1981. Initially, Logitech was widely known for one of its mass-marketed devices, the computer mouse. Logitech also manufactures keyboards, speakers, webcams, game controllers and gaming ware, headphones, headsets, microphones (desktop), wireless audio devices, Harmony […]

Logitech Wireless Keyboard

For the flexibility to type anywhere, a cordless keyboard could be the way to go. These wireless keyboard devices are especially useful for board meetings, when you don’t want to mess with unwieldy cords. Wireless keyboards can add a touch of class to a workspace or the home, with their sleek designs and the absence […]

Logitech Mouse

A mouse is a ubiquitous and necessary device for any desktop PC user, but they are also so run of the mill that many people don’t give them much thought beyond smacking them when they refuse to work and cleaning out the trackball once in awhile. But mice are important, and as Swiss corporation Logitech […]