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Touch Dimmer Switch

A touch dimmer switch is a modern day electrical device that allows you to control the amount of power being sent to a light bulb. You can use one to conserve electricity by dimming the light. This keeps power usage down and can help you save money by lowering your electric bill. Just by touching […]

Voice Activated Light Switch

Once a novelty reserved for Hollywood blockbusters and top fiction, voice activated light switches are now a reality. Available in a variety of designs and able to be customized to suit any voice tone, a voice activated light switch can add flair and flavor to an otherwise bland room. Many are built as part of […]

Motion Light Switch

A motion light switch is an extremely economical way to conserve energy in your home. Typically as you enter a room the lights will turn themselves on and when you no longer need them and leave the room, they automatically switch off within a specified period of time. The motion sensor, in most cases, is […]

Motion Switch

Motion sensors have become a vary popular feature in a number of products. Some of the more common areas where motion sensors exist are in domestic lighting and security cameras. This article will look at using motion sensors for lighting. We will also give you some tips that will come in handy when you go […]

Wireless Light Switch

A new and improved, at least for some consumers, way of turning on your lights does not involve any wires. A wireless light switch allows you to install lighting in many areas without the worries, hassles and frustrations of connecting a multitude of wires. This is an excellent product for those who simply want to […]

Lighting Control System

Many new residential and commercial buildings have their lights operated by a lighting control system. These systems have revolutionized lighting design by providing greater control and flexibility. Lights are no longer isolated from each other simply because they are on a different circuit. Many separate lights can be controlled from a single wall panel or […]